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By dietician Rama Talak in Health & Wellness
Updated 23:28 IST Oct 25, 2017

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And as Diwali comes to an end … reminding people of their health

Diwali – a week full of Feasting .This is the time everybody eats heart fully and then  with the end of Diwali comes the realisation of  unhealthy overeating  for which we convince ourselves with the answer that it was not our Fault , we ate because others forced ..

Really was it not our fault??

Now the heart starts accepting that yes it was our mistake and here comes the phase of Guilty. This is the worst , it either leads to over eating or fasting , both ways troubling our body .

So Now what we have already over loaded our Body??

Simple, let’s give it some rest .Here rest does not mean sleeping but helping our body use the excess fuel  how is that??

For this Lets get back to our basic , start exercising . The easiest 15 minutes of Brisk walk in your own house will also do ,  but make it a point that it is a BRISK WALK  or  even our traditional Surya Namaskar (10).

Along with this even what you eat plays a key role .Home cooked food serves the purpose best. Although at times outside food is really tempting but CONTROL.

Okay in case you just have to eat outside just try eating a little healthier option. This sounds HORRID  ,  eating healthy in a restaurant. But now is the time when we can just give it a try , by taking  little steps like these,

A wrap to replace a burger, a Salad as an accompaniment , a Soup to start with , replace your Butter Naan with a roti preferably plain Roti, try going for steamed starters than fried ones , coming to every ones favourite dessert please don’t indulge eat but listen to your TUMMY .

Remember , these tricks work on our body and not magic with machines  so Patience is  a must.


So let’s start losing to win!!!

That’s it for the day … keep watching this space for further updates in healthy eating , and do write your reviews and suggestions

-A dietician



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niranjan 24-Oct-2017 15:17

It’s a very good article, correct observation of human psychology, please continue writing on the subject

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