When I unburdened my husband from my unrealistic expectations!

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Updated 14:07 IST Nov 06, 2017

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I sit here gazing at the orange sky… looking at the sun bidding us adios for the day, peacefully returning to where it came from. Not too far across I spot a pair of eagles sitting on the coconut tree, staring away, they look mesmerised by what they see. Standing very close to each other yet lost away in their own worlds. They gaze into serenity and enjoy the quietness this place has to offer. If u wonder what I’m doing here sitting still in this fast paced world or judging me for having all the time to gaze at two aimlessly sitting birds! Nah! This is my time that I stole from my family for 30 mins. The swim I took just before this with my son did give us good bonding time. So this one I truly deserve. There's nothing more refreshing than my hot cup of cardamom tea after a good exercise. Couple of floors down below I see my toddler run around with the nanny. I take the liberty to enjoy this scene from far without interfering much. Where did the idea of doing this pop from? Well, I just met a lady in the pool, who has two grown up boys both busy in their own worlds and her hubby who will return only later in the evening. She seemed to enjoy her life without complaining. She's right about how we can deal with our given situation each time. She could have cried that her men don't give her enough time and attention but she chose to be happy n make the most of it by doing things for herself. She loved herself, most importantly! It was only this morning that I felt my hubby didn't spend enough time with me.My list of complaints were big. That he read his morning paper more focused than he saw into my eyes, that he got up at dawn to cycle around the town with his bunch of friends. But how could I forget that he needed to be updated in the world he faced outside these walls, or that I was the one who pushed him to take better care of his health. He's works hard and he has commitments…I miss that he is not how he was a decade back with me, a tad bit more romantic and more carefree but that was only because we had lesser responsibilities. With two more lives dependent on him he's ought to be more focused. I realised that my husband vowed to keep me happy, not to live up to my every expectation!!! The pair of birds I saw are still here and they haven't moved away protesting, crying or doing any such thing we would have. They have no complain that the other doesn't talk to the one or they can't fly in the same direction or share same ideas! These little creatures were meant to be liberated that's why they were given wings. We too have been given.. even if not virtual… at least our minds can be trained the same way. Freedom doesn't only come with wings to fly but with thoughts that set you free. There's so much to learn from nature. It's time we learn to look at each other and give respect in return and not suck the life out of another. If our spouses don't enough time to spend with us, we can find ourself a hobby, if they don't take us out for dinners and desserts we can catch hold of our friends and treat ourselves. We all have that secret savings we can sometimes spend on ourselves. Lets not depend on anyone for our happiness. Let's buy that favourite dress we eyed on the window of a shopping mall and have our favourite foods if that brings us joy and smiles in our faces rather than waiting for someone else to shower it on us. Only we can brighten up our life. Our kids and our family will be happier with us and not feel emotionally strangled sharing the same space. So ladies move on and lighten up your life, take off the burden of having being given special treatment and all the attention all the time. Rather you give where and when you can and don't forget to hug yourself more,wrap your arms around you and love yourself for being what you are. You deserve your happiness more than anyone else. Be like these birds who I see have just flown to opposite directions merrily and hope that they will meet up somewhere down the blue skies happily without expecting a lot from the other…

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