• Journey of every woman! (Part 3 of 3)
    Deepak Bhansali | 17-May-2020
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    Let the hardships attack, together we will get through!   After countless sleepless nights & resilient feud,It was her time to shine and make her parents proud,But for so called society she was now a ready commodity,Marrying & raising kids must be her sole responsibility! But she resolved not to fall into this foolish bait,She’d rather be independent & self-reliant,She travelled to Pune, to meet the guy and reject,By finding out some or the other defect! “Do you really want to have the dull & tasteless Coffee?”She questioned as they entered in a CCD.“You spoke my mind, I’d rather prefer a Wadapav”The Punekar answered without any ambiguity. Then with a roadside wadapav & chilled buttermilk,They raised a toast to their first ever meet! They shared likes, dislikes, habits, even addictions,From Pune-Mumbai comparison to their past relations!They spoke like they knew each other since long,For the first time Mumbai and Pune got along! His thoughts
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  • Colors in art
    Aditya | 17-Feb-2020
    I understand the commercial compulsion. It has become nearly impossible for film makers (and artists at large) to keep their art independent of commerce and hence a lot of films we see these days are monochrome. Firmly dipped in a saffron or green or blue and now the newly emerging or shall we say reemerging red, the chosen color complements the product’s (art?) positioning. The choice of color isn’t a subtle watermark anymore; these films are blatantly opaque. There is no chance of any light passing through, everything is reflected back in the same color. I am unwilling to call these products work of art, these are mere propaganda tools. The other extreme is the transparent film. Very rare to find, we will have to go back in time or broaden our search to find such gems. We know it when we see such film, because it stands out in its brilliant transparency. The work is clear, it is sharp, the expression is independent of any ad-hoc riders and it allows us to witness the full spectrum of color. It
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  • A cool head and a sweet speech keeps untoward events out of reach! (to some extent)
    Jyoti | 26-Nov-2019
    Before a few years, I had the privilege to meet Deepa Malik – she is an athlete, biker, swimmer and first Indian woman to win medals in Paralympic category. At that time, I didn’t know her story but after meeting her in a corporate event (she was a motivational speaker) and hearing her story, I googled her. Her story is truly an inspiring and amazing one.  For those who do not know, she was diagnosed with a spinal tumour at the age of 36, which left her paralysed below the waist. After this tragedy she decided to enter sports and now has many awards and recognitions to her name. I still remember her one sentence which she said has helped her sail through her medical crisis and the life afterwards. It is “dimaag par baraf and muh mein chini” which means a cool head and a sweet speech. She said that she was in such a phase of life that for all the things, she was dependent on others and couldn’t do anything on her own. When you are independent in life and if a tragedy strikes
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  • Fly like a kite, with a little string in my hand
    Neha Mirashi | 03-Aug-2019
    The word "possessive" takes on a very strong and real meaning when your child starts interacting, and actually liking other people. And if this happens in the " i need to start disciplining my child" phase, you have had it. It is a mental roller coaster. You want to be the "good cop", always. You also know you cannot afford to be the good cop, because there is no "bad cop" around, other than you, not for many miles.I am still trying to figure out what disciplining means.I am trying hard to look into my past to see how, or even if, my sister and i were disciplined. For some reason, the word discipline brings forth a negative image. A picture of a cane and military style stand-in-attention, in a straight line, with ram rod straight backs. No laughing, no smiling, no giggling.When Aria makes a mess on the floor with water and mud, am i supposed to discipline her or let the joy on her face overrule?When Aria insists on eating on her own in the most messy way possible, am i supposed to discipline her or appreciate
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  • When I unburdened my husband from my unrealistic expectations!
    Diyaa | 06-Nov-2017
    I sit here gazing at the orange sky… looking at the sun bidding us adios for the day, peacefully returning to where it came from. Not too far across I spot a pair of eagles sitting on the coconut tree, staring away, they look mesmerised by what they see. Standing very close to each other yet lost away in their own worlds. They gaze into serenity and enjoy the quietness this place has to offer. If u wonder what I’m doing here sitting still in this fast paced world or judging me for having all the time to gaze at two aimlessly sitting birds! Nah! This is my time that I stole from my family for 30 mins. The swim I took just before this with my son did give us good bonding time. So this one I truly deserve. There's nothing more refreshing than my hot cup of cardamom tea after a good exercise. Couple of floors down below I see my toddler run around with the nanny. I take the liberty to enjoy this scene from far without interfering much. Where did the idea of doing this pop from? Well, I just met a lad
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  • The New You – Version 2.0
    Team2dzign | 23-Jul-2017
    Quite a weird title! But it seems apt at the moment. This story is about every girl & women who has been through a sabbatical at normal life or work or studies or any activity that was her agenda. The many reasons for sabbatical could be – shifting to a new city, a maternity leave, to take care for some family member who is sick, choosing the wrong path for academics, acute health issue, etc. The purpose of writing this is, I have experienced a sabbatical from my profession and am now in a way getting back to the thing that keeps me going – My Work ! Though not in a “conventional job” but in way that suits me, works well for my family and personal space. In today’s competitive world – there have evolved lot many “apparent” parameters that constantly decide your rating in the Society like - Job, Profile, Package, Bonus. Moving onto your personal life “How healthy is your life on Social media”, fan following at Facebook - Instagram, where do you
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  • Men, Money and Misogyny.
    Manali Jobanputra | 20-Feb-2017
    Scenario 1 :   I was out for dinner with my better half at a well known 5-star restaurant. The moon shone above us and the cold breeze surrounded us. Dinner ended on a perfect note and we called for the bill. The waiter walked towards us with the bill booklet and I raised my hand to take it, he ignored it and handed it to the man.   My reaction : WTF ?     Scenario 2 :   I was lunching at a 3-star restaurant with a male friend. We got done and called for the bill. He came up to the table and handed the bill to my male friend.   My reaction : WTF?   I couldn’t stop myself from asking the waiter  why did he so, and his reply bewildered me. He said ” Women don’t pay because they can’t earn, men pay because men earn.”   Everyplace I’ve been with a male friend, I’ve been treated like this and I fail to understand why. A majority of women today are self sufficient and can pay their own bills and our society ne
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  • L’amour, Flânerie et Paris ! (Part 1 )
    Manali Jobanputra | 12-Feb-2017
    She wore a lovely smile , cloaking the scars beneath her flawless  facade. To the world, she was a beautiful happy woman, none but her own heart knew her desolation.   Veronica was a strong and independent woman living in Mumbai. She was a travel writer who loved exploring the globe, meeting new people and acquainting with new cultures.     365 days ago…     Veronica was extremely excited as her next expedition was to the city of Love ; Paris. Like every 20-something girl, she fantasized of finding the love of her life in the city of lovers. With three huge suitcases and a heart full of hope, Veronica flew to Paris!   À Paris….   As walked out of the airport,  she was greeted by a husky-hypnotic voice that said “Bonjour Madameosille ! “.  She was intrigued by the voice and couldn’t help but look in the direction of the voice. Veronica spotted a man dressed in a blue suit, a short boxed beard covered most of hi
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  • 221 Days with a Twist !
    Manali Jobanputra | 04-Jan-2017
    Sometimes and only sometimes you meet someone and they leave an imprint on you.  It doesn’t take long, barely known each other for a while but feels like ages old. It was time to depart, her flight was announced and he had to get back to work. She said goodbye with a heavy heart not knowing how he feels.  He waved back, hugged her and let her go. She walked away from him, and with every step that she took, she realized that she’s leaving her heart behind. Her emotions created a mayhem and her mind kept pondering– Does he feel the same? He seemed to be pretty composed, maybe he was enshrouding his emotions or maybe he was just indifferent to the goodbye. Shenaz sat on her seat contemplating the void in her bosom. She had no clue how she lost her heart to VK in a beat! She wondered if she would ever see him again. Worn out from the trip and chaos of emotions she shut her eyes hoping to get some sleep. As the plane took off, her heart sank. Flashing in her closed eyes were the memo
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  • Team2dzign | 03-Jan-2017
    “The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”  ― Kalu Ndukwe Kalu Thanks to my Nona , I witnessed and experienced everything as mentioned in the quote above, very closely with her. An excerpt on her life. I received the disheartening news of sad demise of my maternal grandmother Shrimati.Gokulbaiji Ramnarayanji Mantri on 30th Dec'16.She was 80 years old. The purpose of writing this is to appreciate and spread the message of a great deed that she performed even after her death. As per her wish, her body was donated to Godavari Medical College and research centre in Jalgaon .The body is being preserved and will be used for medical research and study purpose by many a students. This indirectly is a service to humanity, as hundreds of doctors will study and in turn serve many thousand patients recover from their ailments. Indeed a very noble and dignified gesture. She is also one of the first women to do
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  • Diyaa | 25-Oct-2016
    I have a 6 year old chico/boy, who had taken up most of the space in my heart till recent. He soon had to share this space and keep it reserved for the one dwelling in me. Yes my second baby. Both my pregnancies were so different, that it gave people a chance to speculate. As if trying to assure me that a different pregnancy meant a different gender of a baby. Like, craving for sweets or salts became the first criteria to decide on who's gonna come out! What rapport I share with my mom today," Specially after becoming a mother myself is way beyond friendship. I too somewhere thought having a girl will give me the same relation with my girl like I share with my mother. Everyone in my family only hoped for a chica/girl since that would 'complete my family'. How it became so important to have a girl, that everyone thought she would tame the house and bring some gracefulness, After having a hyper little man. Why does it become so important an issue to have a specific gender like there are actually
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  • Fahmida Khan | 21-Oct-2016
    To nothing which is permanent! Dancing along all several moves at the club on her birthday night, the DJ called up her asking people to wish her. She felt special, after all it was 3rd October- her birthday. Tired at 2am, she got in the car and started driving. Tipsy she felt and hear a loud noise from behind. "Damn!" Someone banged her car with several dents. Got down angrily and startled to fight with this young-yet-handsome guy. Fight grew and repair was paid.Next bright morning, her friends called her at the nearest cafeteria and planned to turn up late. No sooner she went to receive the order, someone dropped a cold-coffee-with-ice-cream on her dress. No wonder, she rested her expression, to screws the person's balls off. And whoa, it was the same young-yet-handsome-guy. "You again", she exclaimed with not so amazing gestures. It was weird but he listened and smiled and smiled. Turning to him she warned, "Don't Mess". But who were they? The Girl, Diya Malik was an independent fashion designer to a sing
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  • Rhea sovani | 24-May-2016
    Growing up isn't easy. It's one hell of an experience. It's an endless journey in which life keeps throwing invisible hate bombs at you which you can't seem to dodge all that gracefully. You find out who you are and what you want (an endless list of needs), and then you realise that the people who you seem to have known forever, don't see things the way you do. There is this unexplainable and drastic change in perspectives,and your lack of comprehending them creates drifts between you and these people. In this process, you loose most of them and yet, find yourself moving on. That's when the 'maturity' kicks in. You might find yourself stuck in dark phases but you know that the light will begin to shine and the darkness will not be able to stop it. You keep telling yourself that life will be all rainbows and sunshine with just a little patience and perseverance. You no longer find the need for people you love to tell you that. You become independent enough to take your decisions and your newly enhanced ego
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  • Kalamwali | 29-Mar-2016
    I am a mother to an almost 4 year old, extremely sharp and emotionally aware girl child. She was born to me after a very emotionally challenging pregnancy and a very long labour where I almost lost consciousness due to some error in treating my labour pain with adequate sensitivity. When I regained consciousness and held her for the first time, I promised her that I would never let her feel unprotected or unwanted. I don't know why my heart was promising her that but I just wanted her to know that she was the most gorgeous looking life I had seen and I would make sure no one ever made her feel otherwise. This had somewhere risen out of the constant pressure in todays time and age to look perfect, feel beautiful. As she grew up, she obviously turned out to be a gorgeous toddler, extremely happy and a flexible baby. She had, or I can say still has that shine in her eyes that make her connect with anyone. She has the personality whom everyone wants to be around. even though she has never looked like me in her fe
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