• When I unburdened my husband from my unrealistic expectations!
    Diyaa | 06-Nov-2017
    I sit here gazing at the orange sky… looking at the sun bidding us adios for the day, peacefully returning to where it came from. Not too far across I spot a pair of eagles sitting on the coconut tree, staring away, they look mesmerised by what they see. Standing very close to each other yet lost away in their own worlds. They gaze into serenity and enjoy the quietness this place has to offer. If u wonder what I’m doing here sitting still in this fast paced world or judging me for having all the time to gaze at two aimlessly sitting birds! Nah! This is my time that I stole from my family for 30 mins. The swim I took just before this with my son did give us good bonding time. So this one I truly deserve. There's nothing more refreshing than my hot cup of cardamom tea after a good exercise. Couple of floors down below I see my toddler run around with the nanny. I take the liberty to enjoy this scene from far without interfering much. Where did the idea of doing this pop from? Well, I just met a lad
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