• Journey of every woman! (Part 3 of 3)
    Deepak Bhansali | 17-May-2020
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    Let the hardships attack, together we will get through!   After countless sleepless nights & resilient feud,It was her time to shine and make her parents proud,But for so called society she was now a ready commodity,Marrying & raising kids must be her sole responsibility! But she resolved not to fall into this foolish bait,She’d rather be independent & self-reliant,She travelled to Pune, to meet the guy and reject,By finding out some or the other defect! “Do you really want to have the dull & tasteless Coffee?”She questioned as they entered in a CCD.“You spoke my mind, I’d rather prefer a Wadapav”The Punekar answered without any ambiguity. Then with a roadside wadapav & chilled buttermilk,They raised a toast to their first ever meet! They shared likes, dislikes, habits, even addictions,From Pune-Mumbai comparison to their past relations!They spoke like they knew each other since long,For the first time Mumbai and Pune got along! His thoughts
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  • Journey of every woman!       (Part 2 of 3)
    Deepak Bhansali | 15-May-2020
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    Life is not a seashore, it’s a roller coaster ride! With hopes in her heart & dreams in her eyes,Dodging the society’s unasked advice,She stepped in Mumbai – not a city but an emotion,As hectic as local trains, as deep as an ocean! Near the seashore, at the marine drive,She finally felt that she was alive,She used to sit there for hours,Sometimes with the cold breeze,At times with the gentle showers! She met many people, made new friends,Got used to the city’s speed, hugged new trends,Fell in love with her classmate,Surrendered her soul to her soul mate! She believed, she combated the high tide,Time had come to live with joy & pride,But life is not a seashore, it’s a roller coaster ride,It always have steep slopes with every sharp rise! What she considered as love was his obsession,He started treating her like a greedy possession,She dismantled her feelings, defused all connected cords,Got cut in half by the depression’s sharp sword! Before she could get over,
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  • I am Woman
    Manali Jobanputra | 10-May-2020
    In every walk of life, we have umpteen times faced patriarchy and misogyny. It began so early that even the games we played were 'ghar ghar' or 'kitchen kitchen' while the boys played with cars, balls etc. Our minds were too tender to realize the bias. We were raised in a way to perceive misogyny and sexism as normal. It was etched in our minds that we are subordinate to males and our roles are confined within the four walls. Indian women are wired since childhood that they are 'Paraya dhan' (Somebody else's Wealth) and that eventually have to go to someone else's house and be the heir to their MIL's responsibilities and duties. Every woman has countless times heard 'sasural jaake kya karegi ?' (What will you do at your in-law's house?) referring to her inabilities in the kitchen or other household chores. Men, on the other hand are pampered and praised even if they footle all day. It is indoctrinated to us that there are only two goals of muliebrity : 1. Marriage and 2. Motherhood. Sadly even today, everyt
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    Deepak Bhansali | 25-Apr-2020
    They say beauty is a superficial aspect. Abs and zero figures don’t matter anymore. The perception of love has changed. But has it? What if the love of your life – say the most beautiful person in town – meets with an unfortunate accident and ends up impaired & crippled? Would you still love them the same? Let me take you through a true story. A story that redefined the meaning of love, commitment, and the relationship of a husband and a wife, teaching me a new, pure and loyal perception of love! Supriya was the prettiest girl in the entire college. A glamorous fashionista, her stunning beauty never left a head unturned. Suraj was the handsome heart throb of the college. Girls would die to date him. Implicitly both of them fell in love with each other, shattering the hearts of many. With an unchallengeable chemistry, they were perfect together! They dated for few years and once they set a strong foothold of their individual careers, they got married. Suraj was an entrepreneur and S
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    Deepak Bhansali | 16-Apr-2020
    “You know what? Teenage is such an interesting phase of life! When we were in our teens, our minds were pure and hearts innocent. Our life was like a random stone from which we would try and carve out a beautiful sculpture. We had no responsibilities to shoulder. We didn’t have to think before we spoke. We were like free birds, wild, strong, and fearless.” I was talking to one of my dearest school friends. Thanks to the lock down and Facebook, we were able to get in touch after thirteen long years. We spoke about our respective lives after school, our perceptions about life, and about our ambitions. We also discussed about our respective marriages. “Anyway, tell me, what is the one thing you would want to do if you could go back to your school days?” She asked. “Confess my feelings to my first love - my school crush.” I replied without any hesitation. “You liked someone in school! I did not expect that!” She was surprised. “You know, during our
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  • Was it love or his insecurities?
    Diyaa | 29-Mar-2020
        Dev and Naina were celebrating their ninth anniversary today. This one, for a change, they had decided to be on their own and not take their in-laws and their seven year old daughter, Tara along with them for dinner. Every year they were surrounded by family and friends on every ‘special’ occasions be it birthdays or anniversary.  It was Naina who insisted on going with Dev alone even though he wasn’t too keen about it. They had made it through the “seven year itch’ phase of their marriage and he thought it’s going to be all smooth sail now. He felt their relation had reached a cozy comfort zone. By now he sensed everything about her with ease, even her reaction to different situations, what she thought and how she felt. He lived his life on an autopilot mode as far as the marriage was concerned. There wasn’t much thinking or newness about it. But for her, she had started to feel a pinch of monotony settling in, if not absolute boredom. Sh
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  • Why I Would Choose My Husband Over My Kids?
    Diyaa | 15-Oct-2019
    Let me start this blog first by mentioning that I love my kids immensely. I can’t recollect what my life was like before I had them.  My kids are significantly important to me. Being a stay-at-home mom, I spend most of my time with them then with anyone else. My life right now revolves around them. My hubby and I have busy schedules and we get to barely spend a couple of our waking hours together. I equally love my husband just as I love my babies.  Many of you may dislike me saying this or even judge me for choosing my husband over my kids at this point. But, after giving it all of my thought I feel if there’s ever a time wherein I have to make a choice, I would definitely choose my husband over them and here are my reasons why... 1. WE CHOSE EACH OTHER  Being in an arranged marriage, whatever little choices I was given I chose to get married to my husband and so did he. We were the ones who decided to be by each other’s side for a lifetime and made
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  • The magic crystal stone
    Team Kalamwali | 24-Apr-2019
    A work of fiction by our Junior Kalamkar, Sara Katakkar.                                         The magic crystal stone. Once upon a time in Russia there lived a servant girl called Peony as she loved peony flowers. She worked as a shepardess in Curdeken's farm. She wished she could be a princess in a splendid castle and be the queen's daughter. She left the sheep under a tree. Then a sheep called Hagen caaled her and said, " Dear Peony, i am a prince and not a sheep. Can you help me break the spell i am cursed into?" Peony said "yes" and off they went to Hagen's mother. Peony asked why Hagen was turned into a sheep. his mother slyly replied, " hmm i don't know," Peony asked Hagen if he knew anything of the spell. He answered, " My mother cursed me. She tricked you, she did not know." Peony asked Hagen what his mother used to curse the spell. He said, "A stone hidden deep below the Volga." So they went to
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  • The perfect mistake
    Diyaa | 11-Feb-2019
    Sara was a charming twenty-one years young lady who recently stepped into her newly wedded life. Couple of months into this wedlock, she was still trying to adjust to the new life. It was a novel experience for her, from changing homes to cities to friends and now families. Everything was different. Since she was young, she fitted herself very easily into her new space. Rahul, her husband worked with the Indian navy, because of which he had to shift his home base near the port. He had left his family soon after he joined work. His parents lived in a city which was three hours away from his.   He was used to living alone many months of the year while the other months he sailed to far off places. He took good care of Sara now that he had her around. He made her feel very comfortable in his world. Clubbing, dinners, movies had filled their days. They even did groceries together. She remembered their honeymoon to snowcapped mountains in the Swiss. That one week had really bought them close to each other.
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  • Happy Women's Day!!!
    Jyoti | 08-Mar-2018
    International Women’s Day is being celebrated today everywhere but is it enough for us females? Women will be made to feel special today, pampered, offered discounts at all the stores and hotels but what after today? I am not against this celebration but I just want women to feel special and safe on all the days and not just one single day! In today’s age, daily we hear and see events which are degrading females, be it at the home front or the workplace. The graph of a women’s life is measured by her marriage, number of kids, her family and not her intelligence, work or promotion. People cannot tolerate women in superior positions and assume that she has used her female powers to reach the position. They cannot believe that she can manage family as well as work both efficiently. Even in the high societies, women are facing these problems. These problems cannot be eradicated until the mindset of our society changes. Even highly educated people can have narrow mindsets and it is very difficu
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  • When I unburdened my husband from my unrealistic expectations!
    Diyaa | 06-Nov-2017
    I sit here gazing at the orange sky… looking at the sun bidding us adios for the day, peacefully returning to where it came from. Not too far across I spot a pair of eagles sitting on the coconut tree, staring away, they look mesmerised by what they see. Standing very close to each other yet lost away in their own worlds. They gaze into serenity and enjoy the quietness this place has to offer. If u wonder what I’m doing here sitting still in this fast paced world or judging me for having all the time to gaze at two aimlessly sitting birds! Nah! This is my time that I stole from my family for 30 mins. The swim I took just before this with my son did give us good bonding time. So this one I truly deserve. There's nothing more refreshing than my hot cup of cardamom tea after a good exercise. Couple of floors down below I see my toddler run around with the nanny. I take the liberty to enjoy this scene from far without interfering much. Where did the idea of doing this pop from? Well, I just met a lad
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    Rutwik Nalawade | 08-Aug-2017
    11. THE CITY’S WORRY Rihaan and Tanya head for their honeymoon some days after the marriage and they leave for Switzerland and they take a place riverside to spend some time there. On the other side, The President and his other colleagues are talking and the Mayor of the City, Mr. Khanna arrives there on call by the President. The President says, “Mr. Khanna, your City was in news some years back for destruction and havoc that happened there, what is your say about it?” Mr. Khanna says, “I know, Sir, yes, there was some destruction created there, huge round ball like looking things arrived there and created havoc. Police and Army did their best but thanks to Mr. R and his team, they saved the City.” One of the ministers says, “Isn’t Mr. R a criminal, what I have heard, he killed many people and also beaten them bad using what, knives and huge guns?” Mr. Khanna says, “Yes, he has, if police fails, he is there to help us even if they hate him, there a
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  • How Kannagi’s Wedding was Fixed
    Sunanda Kesavadas | 27-Jul-2017
    On the morning of Kannagi akka’s thirtieth birthday paati made payasam and served it with an unsmiling face. Akka was getting late for work, so she did not notice or chose not to notice the anger in her mother’s eyes.Later when they were preparing lunch paati said to Amma, or rather ground her teeth and growled, ‘Thirty years old! Thirty! By the time I was thirty I was mother to five children. And this ungrateful daughter of mine will not even let me die in peace. 'There was one proposal last year,' Paati continued, 'One! An engineer! They were even willing to forgo the dowry since she is in a government job. But our madam! Oh! He was not good enough for her. Now God only has to help us. How can I die in peace if she is not settled?'It was a little worrying that paati might be dying but soon our attention was caught by thaatha arriving with the latest comics newspaper and we all ran out to meet him. Thaatha would read out the comics using different voices for each character and make all the
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  • The New You – Version 2.0
    Team2dzign | 23-Jul-2017
    Quite a weird title! But it seems apt at the moment. This story is about every girl & women who has been through a sabbatical at normal life or work or studies or any activity that was her agenda. The many reasons for sabbatical could be – shifting to a new city, a maternity leave, to take care for some family member who is sick, choosing the wrong path for academics, acute health issue, etc. The purpose of writing this is, I have experienced a sabbatical from my profession and am now in a way getting back to the thing that keeps me going – My Work ! Though not in a “conventional job” but in way that suits me, works well for my family and personal space. In today’s competitive world – there have evolved lot many “apparent” parameters that constantly decide your rating in the Society like - Job, Profile, Package, Bonus. Moving onto your personal life “How healthy is your life on Social media”, fan following at Facebook - Instagram, where do you
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    Ankita Kulkarni | 06-Jul-2017
    The Oxford dictionary describes war as “A state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states and nations”. It also describes it as,”The art or science of warfare”. But is war really an art? Is there any scientific aspect to it? Is war good or bad is a very common question that is asked all around the world. But is there really a correct answer to this question. As the Oxford dictionary says, it is a hostile conflict between two or more nations. This hostility emerges due to either conflicting ideas or disobeying of laws. Laws are created and kept in place to maintain peace and discipline in any society. Breaking any of these laws leads to chaos which further leads to war. Similarly, when two or more nations have conflicting ideas over a common issue such as the India Pakistan conflict over the occupancy of Kashmir, it leads to war. But why do we need war? Coming back to the question of is war good or bad, I would start by asking that do we really need war? In a wo
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    Rutwik Nalawade | 26-May-2017
    MR. R- DEATH SQUAD PART 1   STORY:             After the threats of Death Squad, Rihaan, Jeet and Chang head to Delhi to save the President.                         The flight lands and they take their special luggage to the hotel where President is also staying.             Next day, they are watching the President from a distance as they cannot intervene in his meetings, after sometime; they come to know he is going to the other side of the City for a meeting             Rihaan then says, “What to do?”                         Jeet says, “I say, we should follow him. Death Squad cannot be trusted, t
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