• It is least about me, it is always about YOU!
    I have received many messages about the influence and impact I had on people, my positivity and the direction of my lifes journey which was inspiring and my instagram posts were looked forward to.It is an extremely humbling process and fills me with tremendous gratitude to each one of you who reached out...I have always believed that though the Giver is great, the true greatness lies in the Receiver.The Giver is giving out the same love, energy, positivity and inspiration but not all are receiving it in the same manner.To some it brings a smile while to others they draw inspiration from it.To some it is nothing more than a scroll and to others a waste of time.You are the eyes through which you see and draw lessons from it."Two men standing in jail. One sees the bars, the other sees the stars"Perspective is everything.It is least about the giver, it is always about the receiver...God gives us everything - joys and sorrows, nature and nurture. But we all derive different lessons, different levels of gratitude f
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  • Aditya | 09-Jun-2020
    Most decisions are either celebrated or ridiculed in retrospect..! While nobody makes a conscious decision to fail, only a minuscule few are made with strong anticipation of success. Even then it is just a judgement call and not a sure shot prophecy of success. Much later such decisions are praised as visionary, rest are criticised. But as I said the jury assessment happens much later, with the comfort and cushioning of data and other historical evidence. As Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw said, “For someone to be a good leader, the key is to take a decision and then accept full responsibility for it. An incorrect decision can be corrected, indecision cannot be..!” What separates, rather elevates a person from the stature of an analyst to that of a leader is this little intangible ability to make a decision, at the point when it matters, despite the analyst’s best effort to paralyse the process with conflicting data. Look around, do you see analysts masquerading as leaders or do you see some
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  • I will not teach my child not to discriminate and here's why! #alllivesmatter
    Diyaa | 03-Jun-2020
        Waking up to a morning Azaan is the most beautiful sound that stirs my soul. It takes me to another world that's full of serenity and love.   Mentioning the word 'allah' comes so naturally to a Hindu like me, it’s no surprise.   Growing up, most of my friends were Muslims and Catholics. All of this felt only ordinary to me as a child. I was respected for my choices and not told otherwise.   I believe we cannot teach our kids to love or hate. Their minds are as pure as their souls. They don't even know they could or couldn’t make friends based on religion, colour or creed! They are purely born with the intention of loving and receiving love. It is very typical of my four year old to keep kissing my cheek and hugging me at every interval for no reason. This is what they are and they need. Purely Love.   As parents what we can do is only to empower the 'humanitarian' in them. Let them choose their friends. Let them love and like who they want. We cannot let
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    Team Kalamwali | 29-May-2020
      “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”John Holmes. A not-for-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian public charitable trust, Annamrita Foundation, formed in April 2004 after the Government of India introduced the “Mid-day Meal Scheme” in order to improve the nutritional status of school-age children nationwide has been one of the strongest pillars of support during the COVID-19 pandemic. ISKCON’s Annamrita Foundation is a ray of hope for the underprivileged children from Below Poverty Line families, who attend Municipal Schools in about 40 cities of Maharashtra. It delivers full nourished meals to government schools where children are unable to get food from home. Immediately, after the lockdown was announced, Annamrita Foundation and Team held a meeting with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and other concerned authorities to make provisions for food to the underprivileged. Since the Lockdown began, Annamrita Foundation with
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    Team Kalamwali | 25-May-2020
      “Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.” Martin Luther King, Jr.   Starting an NGO is a lifelong commitment to contribute incessantly to the betterment of lives of people the NGO works for. Running an NGO efficiently, expanding it by sensitising towards other areas that need help and adding verticals to watch beneficiaries from varied sectors lead a better life, is fulfilling that commitment made to the society. Two women, with rock solid benevolence, and an immaculate sense of how to use resources are the heart and soul of Mukul Madhav Foundation, an NGO driven by sheer passion. Ms. Ritu Chhabria and Ms. Gayatri Chhabria, a mother daughter duo run this foundation like a successful business, where the only profit they believe in, is the number of lives that have reformed forever. Established in 1999 as a Charitable Trust, MUKUL MADHAV FOUNDATION also the CSR par
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    Team Kalamwali | 23-May-2020
      The thought that one person can’t do anything to change a situation that involves others, is a myth and has been proven wrong umpteen number of times. It takes, one moment, one thought and one person to start a movement in the positive direction. Anything done, with good intentions, can tread a path for many other to follow and that’s how situations change and improve and the society progresses. Here is another instance, of a brave, courageous woman, who actually put her money where her mouth is. Professor Nikita Gosavi. On a normal Quarantine day, she stepped out with her husband to visit her uncle because he had met with an accident. She had to go to the heart of the City in Pune where her uncle resides. On her way, she noticed some homeless people sitting on the roadside near Appa Balwant Chowk (ABC, Pune). Due to the lockdown and closed roads, Nikita and her husband had to change their route and while doing so, they overheard conversations of those people. What she heard, broke her h
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    Team Kalamwali | 21-May-2020
      “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” -Kathy Kalvin COVID-19 has given us tremendous food for thought. One one had we have stories of sufferings, isolation, people being stranded, people being deprived of essentials etc. And on the other hand, we have endless stories of heroism. How every kind of problem, across sectors, borders, genres was identified by humanitarians from different stratas and then bravely defeated by them. These humanitarians are Heroes fighting the pandemic and the collateral damage caused by the pandemic with courage, sympathy and generosity. To name another hero of quarantine, we have, Force Motors Limited, under the unapologetically efficient leadership of Dr. Abhay Firodia who have explored every possible way to offer help during the lockdown. They have played a crucial role in UPGRADING THE HEALTHCARE INFRASTRUCTURE during the lockdown. To begin with, they have donated 45 HIGH END VENTILATORS, more than 17,000 MASKS as we
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    Team Kalamwali | 14-May-2020
          “Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu As we know, COVID-19 and the lockdown it brought along have changed the dynamics of everything in the world. It has affected everyone in some form or the other. Amidst all this chaos, there is that strata of the society who has been fighting not against the virus, but against the situations for basics and essentials. And fortunately for humanity, there is also that sector of the society, which has come forward to help those who need it the most. Jana Madhyam Foundation founded by Shirish Gajanan Apte is one of them. This team in Pune has been working relentlessly since the beginning of the outbreak of this pandemic. They started off instantly by providing essentials like food and water to those who had no access to it. The next set of beneficiaries have been the daily wage earners. Another essential in today’s times are MASKS. Understanding
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    Team Kalamwali | 12-May-2020
      “Having a lot and giving a little is CHARITY.Having a little and giving a lot is GENEROSITY”- Kalamwali  This story deserves more than a salute. It deserves an applause, a lot of respect, and immense amount of help. Dedicating your entire life for those whose lives are a big question mark, is the most selfless kind of dedication. There’s always a choice. To look or look away. To think or not even think about what you see. To want to do something about it and to actually getting down to doing it. This is a story of someone who has done first and then maybe thought about it. This is a story of Vinayak Deokar- Founder and President of Mahatma Gandhi School- Pune  An orphan by birth, he was adopted and brought up by an old couple who were stone breakers. Having gone through the struggle of surviving without basics like a good Education, he always had to settle with taking up petty jobs. And so that noone around him suffers like him, he founded the Mahatma Gandhi School under
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    Team Kalamwali | 11-May-2020
      “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”- Mahatma Gandhi COVID 19, is one of the worst known Pandemics to the world. Not only because of the way it spread across borders, irrespective of geographies, but also because of the global meltdown it has brought along. While the entire world, was racing against time to win every battle, big or small, and to remain undefeated, nobody stopped to think that a virus could put everyone’s dreams and plans on hold and bring the entire planet to a standstill. A tiny jostle, causing a crack of the magnitude that could rumble the entire system within weeks. This may have broken backbones of the most elaborate global agendas, but it has also diluted boundaries and brought together the entire humanity in a fight against the pandemic. One such global entity, standing tall, going strong and making their resources of great help to the frontline warriors of the Pandemic is Jaguar Land Rover. Associated with trust and dependability, JLR has been a part
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  • I am Woman
    Manali Jobanputra | 10-May-2020
    In every walk of life, we have umpteen times faced patriarchy and misogyny. It began so early that even the games we played were 'ghar ghar' or 'kitchen kitchen' while the boys played with cars, balls etc. Our minds were too tender to realize the bias. We were raised in a way to perceive misogyny and sexism as normal. It was etched in our minds that we are subordinate to males and our roles are confined within the four walls. Indian women are wired since childhood that they are 'Paraya dhan' (Somebody else's Wealth) and that eventually have to go to someone else's house and be the heir to their MIL's responsibilities and duties. Every woman has countless times heard 'sasural jaake kya karegi ?' (What will you do at your in-law's house?) referring to her inabilities in the kitchen or other household chores. Men, on the other hand are pampered and praised even if they footle all day. It is indoctrinated to us that there are only two goals of muliebrity : 1. Marriage and 2. Motherhood. Sadly even today, everyt
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    Team Kalamwali | 06-May-2020
      “When it comes to giving, some people stop at nothing.” ― Vern McLellan The COVID 19 pandemic has undoubtly caused a massive disruption and chaos in everyone’s lives worldwide. The silver lining to which has been the humongous cohesion among the people of this great nation. CREDAI has been one such example to lead from the front. Established in 1999, The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India, is the apex body for private real estate developers in India, representing over 20,000 developers through 21 states and 220 city chapters across the country. CREDAI has always supported the nation in times of unforeseen crises. To name a few- Apartments were donated to the families of nine CRPF personnel martyred in terror attack at Pulwama to recognize their contribution and sacrifices. Aid was provided to the Kerala flood victims and many other social initiatives have been undertaken regularly and this is a testimony to the fact that CREDAI stands committed to
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    Team Kalamwali | 06-May-2020
      Passion is a weird thing. Obsession is weirder. Passion makes you do things that go beyond your job and obsession makes sure you cannot see beyond your passion. This is a story about two headstrong women, nestling a common love for food. And it might be hard to say when their love for food took to a whole new level, but they got to the crux of it all and created a Community of thinkers. CoCo- a name for Conscious Community of consumers who are offered options so that they can make small, responsible changes to their buying patterns of essentials, to be able to aid the concept of sustainability through supporting local businesses and consuming clean, organic produce. Founded by Tanya Kane and Surbhi Ganguly, CoCo Market, Pune started their fortnightly markets in June 2017. These markets were an effort to bring together the COnscious COmmunity, where customers, small businesses, products, and individuals could meet and support each other. Moving on to the next level, they established GOODbynature- A br
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  • 5 Lessons The Global Crisis Taught Me
    Diyaa | 29-Mar-2020
      With all the tragic things happening around the world as a result of coronavirus, it might sound strange to talk about being positive and looking at the brighter side of it. But that’s all I can see that would bring calm in our lives at this moment. It’s much needed now more than ever. From my personal experience of being a stay at home mom, these are few things I have learnt during this whole on-going lockdown period.     Fear isn’t Real   Our words have a lot of power. What we tell ourselves all day and even hear from around the world creates our reality. It’s ok to feel low but not stay in it long and brood over it. Yes there is going to be panic with the all the chaos that’s happening around the world but fear only reduces our ability to think. It’s proven that negative thinking affects our immunity levels which we need to reserve most at this moment. It’s ok to be aware of all that’s happening, take best precautions you can t
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  • Aditya | 04-Mar-2020
    Honestly I am very judgmental about people bringing young kids in cinema halls to watch mature content. I do understand that the “parental guidance” category exists where adults are supposed to steer their “impressionable young adults” such that they understand the complexities. But here I was surrounded by adults who themselves were clueless about the gravity of the narrative? On my left were three middle aged men who were initially amused, then a bit shocked but who eventually went silent. One of them kept exhaling long breaths as if exhausted with what he saw. At least these people had the sensitivity to digest what they saw, something that must be difficult to process given the decades of conditioning they must have gone through. Maybe they were watching from the parent’s perspective. Behind me was an all-girl group. They kept on chatting throughout the film and passed comments on every scene. I looked behind a couple of times giving them an irritated look but they had this
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  • Aditya | 12-Jan-2020
    Stereotyping has become a part of our life. More often than not we do it subconsciously and sometimes we do it knowingly. Either way, it has become difficult for us to accept things as they are. People, places, things, thoughts everything has to fall in this or that bucket and art is no exception. So which bucket do we put Chhappak in? Is it a tragedy? Is it a quest? Is it rebirth? Is it rags to riches? It can be anything or a bit of everything. Try and park the urge to assign a category, try and accept the film with a clean perspective without expecting cliché of the genre, only then there is a possibility that you will be able to see Chhappak for what it is. For it is just a story that needs to be told, as it is...! I came out of the theater obviously troubled, scared and concerned. But not once during the entire run time did I cry, and let me tell you I cry easily. Not once did I experience shock, not once did I felt like closing my eyes. There have been insensitive films where heinous crimes are
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