Rang barasne do - don't let the colours go out of your life

By dietician Rama Talak in Health & Wellness
Updated 23:56 IST Mar 06, 2018

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Hola , another day of colours is here  rangpanchami . 

Colours are so much fun. In this life of stress colours in our environment soothe just like antioxidants do in food. Antioxidants are a necessity in the 21st century. we are not metals to rust then why do we need antioxidants ?

But we are humans exposed to pollution, global warming , U.V. rays and blah blah. With my favourite question NOW WHAT ?

The answer is simple colours. In case of foods we find maximum amount of colours in fruits and vegetables. But I don’t like to , I cant afford  for all the people with such excuses the answer is simple do you like medicines , are all the medicines so cheap ?

In vegetables also each colour has its own importance:

Red colour fruits and veggeis-   carotene, vitamin a , lycopene.

Yellow colour fruits and veggeis- vitamin c, flavonoids

Red grapes , pomegranate- resveratrol

Green leafy vegetables- carotenoid lutein

White colour vegetables, mushroom – poly phenols

Blue and purple colour -.phytochemicals

Each colour is because of a pigment like chlorophyll causes green colour, carotenoids – yellow, orange , red, anthoxanthins- yellow and white .

These nutrients are really important just like colours are in our life.

So whether you are on keto diet or a vegan diet whatever it is don’t make your plate colour less for more than a week.

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