Diet guidance - Need of the hour

By dietician Rama Talak in Health & Wellness
Updated 08:08 IST Jan 07, 2018

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To start with a very Happy and healthy new year to all. Intentionally or not now a days every one you meet speaks about health and diet. Just a few years back, diet was something which was followed, only when somebody was ill. But today it is a common thing for most people to be on some diet or the other. The reason could be traced back to the trend of having a perfect body figure.

So, came the era of Gym, where going to the gym and getting a specialized diet plan was something special.

Now, with the entry of search engines like Google and phones loaded with high tech app you can get any diet plan you want at your fingertips.

But is this method really trustworthy??

Factually No. There could be people who havebenefited by the diet plans, but you never know what exactly they did.

Basically, any diet plan is  a trial and error process to  exactly suit the needs of an individual but if you go to a proper dietician, at least the number of errors is sure to reduce and there is someone who knows the solution to the error. But make it a point to find if that the dietician is Genuine.

Are you eating a healthy diet?

According to most of the people the answer would be YES. But does it really satisfy our needs.  Today in the era of technology, half of our work is done by technology, not that I am against technology or I don’t use technology .But technology has made us lazy.


Is a dietary guidance needed ??





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Aditya 07-Jan-2018 09:46

The simple thing that our parents and grandparents told us is to eat everything in moderation and proportion.
I know quite a few people who read something on the internet and follow it blindly, the most "in thing" is the all-protein diet which is perceived to be the quickest way for weight reduction. Knowledge and information from the web is fantastic but must be coupled with expert opinion for better results, at least in the health and wellness domain.

dietician Rama Talak 07-Jan-2018 10:13

Perfectly stated @Aditya

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