Voice of pen & paper

By Prashant Trivedi in Experiences
Updated 22:53 IST Jan 02, 2018

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one day I was just sitting in my room with my depressed feelings and thoughts. suddenly I heard a voice saying"write it down right now if don't do it right now then you will not be able to come out from all this". The stimulation immediately hit my brain by the help neurons. And I heard second voice saying "come we are here on your working table, we are ready to help you".

The voice was of a blank sheet of paper and of a simple clicking pen. I placed my chair in comfortable position and started writing down. Writing down all those things which no one will understand how actually I was feeling and what is all revolving around my life. 

But that day I realized one thing, on this planet two non living things are there to understand me and my feelings these thing were the title of my experience 'pen' & 'paper'. No matter whether is it a hardcopy or a softcopy.

From that day onwards whenever I feel sad or whatever was revolving in my head I share with my friends whom I met, in my childhood but I recognized them as a friend in my teenage. Thank you to these two to understand those things which no one will understand.

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