Never care too much..........

By Prashant Trivedi in Experiences
Updated 23:24 IST Feb 12, 2018

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Sometimes too much caring can be disastrous for a person.

People only want to satisfy themselves they do not take care of interest of other person or how he is reacting and how much he is caring......

"The much you care double of it will hurt you". One day the person will react like an stranger who once use to be a good friend of yours. 

They don't try to understand the feelings of other they only want that their need should be fulfilled when you are in friendship with that person. Once the motive or objective is achieved they will forget your kindness towards them, how much you care for them, the help which provided to them, everything they will forget including you. They will not see how much you cared,  your honesty towards them ,how much you well behaved with that person and how much respected that person........


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