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They say opposites attract, so can (how) two diametrically opposite natured individuals come (live) together (happily)?

I am talking about people with elaborative polar differences. The fascination towards something different than who you are sounds utterly exciting and the two get drawn to each other easily to help foster a relationship.

Like, he believes in frugality, she is extravagant. She is generous while he stingy. She is high-energy and he is supposedly laid back. He loves reading while she would consume her day chattering. Add to this, their diverse ‘socio-economic’ backgrounds and friend circle.

So opposites beyond magnets could attract…hmm.

Well, human nature to grain on anything new, different or farther from own self is a notable & aspirational trait. It’s a natural human instinct to discover. We are kind of hard-wired for this. And that works here too! Moreover, to be identical or grossly similar could perhaps be utterly boring…

Frankly, it is difficult to actually describe ‘opposite’…means exactly what? Think…try this question on yourself. However, one must admit the thrill, the adventure and the sheer antonym that lies between the two does turn out to be one lethal initial attraction…and can that sustain for longevity too?

Quite frankly, as and if the relationship lives to maturity, there is nothing left as opposites…you may be this diametrically contrasting-natured individual, to begin with, but with the passage of time, both kind of reign in the art of companionship. So, is it like great to begin as opposites?…as the initial period could usher in some exciting times…and as you settle down, it just blends so well that you don’t ever realize you were two distinctly wired individuals!

There is also a chance though that over time this initial attraction could wear off and what you earlier thought was exciting could now begin to thaw. But hey, come to think of it…this is a common challenge to most relationships no?

I've always felt that the little ‘daring’ type indulges in an ‘opposite’ kind relationship. The ‘safe’ types perhaps seek ‘similar’ natured partner.

There is another dimension tinkering my mind…whether is it really true that you can ever have these completely inversely contrasting individuals coming together?…I mean many of the traits could well be dissimilar amongst the two, yet there will be some fairly similar which you kind of lay your bet on?

What do you think?

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Team Kalamwali 19-Sep-2017 09:12

Preference of the kind of relationship changes as we grow up and mature.

sanchita 20-Oct-2017 14:42

Learning to accept the differences makes healthy relationships!

Kapil Muzumdar 25-Oct-2017 12:12

hmm, yes.

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