When you invest some time, money and energy doing what others don't, you can later win and reap the benefits like no other does

By Kapil Muzumdar in Daily Musings
Updated 17:48 IST Sep 14, 2017

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So don't be restless and impatient to run simply because others are ready and running. You take your time to build your own charm. Your charm shall always be unique because it is your own. And when you begin running, they'll falter, not because there's anything wrong with them, but because they found you more right than they thought you could ever be!


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Team Kalamwali 19-Sep-2017 09:10

How true! But extremely difficult to follow.

Kapil Muzumdar 25-Sep-2017 11:35

Hmm. To follow is easy, never difficult. To lead is always difficult!

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