Team Kalamwali | 06-May-2020
      Passion is a weird thing. Obsession is weirder. Passion makes you do things that go beyond your job and obsession makes sure you cannot see beyond your passion. This is a story about two headstrong women, nestling a common love for food. And it might be hard to say when their love for food took to a whole new level, but they got to the crux of it all and created a Community of thinkers. CoCo- a name for Conscious Community of consumers who are offered options so that they can make small, responsible changes to their buying patterns of essentials, to be able to aid the concept of sustainability through supporting local businesses and consuming clean, organic produce. Founded by Tanya Kane and Surbhi Ganguly, CoCo Market, Pune started their fortnightly markets in June 2017. These markets were an effort to bring together the COnscious COmmunity, where customers, small businesses, products, and individuals could meet and support each other. Moving on to the next level, they established GOODbynature- A br
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    Team Kalamwali | 06-May-2020
      In a world where humans find it difficult to feel empathetic towards other humans, there is this tribe, led by a fearless woman, who have dedicated their entire lives to the betterment of the lives of animals. Imagine waking up each day, going out in the world, finding animals who are in pain; and in pain meaning, hit by running vehicles, stuck in the oddest of the places, tortured by humans, injured in inexplainable manners, broken limbs, oozing organs, victims of gory violent minds, or simply abandoned with nowhere to go. Basically, sights that can make us sick in our stomachs. To find such animals, irrespective of whether they are domestic, wild, reptiles, venomous etc, comfort them, treat them right there or by bringing them back to the RESQ facility, where they are fed, cared for, operated upon if necessary, loved, healed, seen to it that they recover, only to, release them back into their natural habitat or to give them up for adoption so that they find the love they are worthy of. All this and
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    Deepak Bhansali | 16-Apr-2020
    “You know what? Teenage is such an interesting phase of life! When we were in our teens, our minds were pure and hearts innocent. Our life was like a random stone from which we would try and carve out a beautiful sculpture. We had no responsibilities to shoulder. We didn’t have to think before we spoke. We were like free birds, wild, strong, and fearless.” I was talking to one of my dearest school friends. Thanks to the lock down and Facebook, we were able to get in touch after thirteen long years. We spoke about our respective lives after school, our perceptions about life, and about our ambitions. We also discussed about our respective marriages. “Anyway, tell me, what is the one thing you would want to do if you could go back to your school days?” She asked. “Confess my feelings to my first love - my school crush.” I replied without any hesitation. “You liked someone in school! I did not expect that!” She was surprised. “You know, during our
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  • Women are not always the victim
    Sankalppateriya | 16-Nov-2019
    When her dad passed away I helped her get back on track with studies and all of her things and when I told her that her boyfriend is cheating her she broke the friendship with me! Six months later she also broked up with her boyfriend saying "you never loved me!". Women are not always the victim!
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  • Love Actually..
    TheLostBronteSister | 05-Feb-2017
      It's that time of the year again; there's a chill in the wind, you can hear the melody of Christmas jingles on the radio and the slight glow of twinkle lights only adds to the warmth that the holidays bring with them. Like every other year on Thanksgiving eve, I find myself on a plane. Invariably, as the plane begins it's final descent towards the vast maze of bright lights, my thoughts turn to reflect on the year gone by, my upcoming long weekend and random reflections on my life. Prime stars in this reflection have been my family, living so far away, something as mundane as turning in my time at work and my premature planning for the next round of travel. This year things are only slightly different... A part of me often wished, in the recent past, that I could turn back some cycles of time..Such a wonderful time in one's life..when one could still believe in the magic of Disney, hope for the happily ever afters, and enjoy Mills and Boons without being poked in the ribs by reality to tell you what a
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  • Deepak | 20-Dec-2016
    There are two souls that exists in our body. One is the GIVE UP Soul and the other is the KEEP FIGHTING soul. The day, later got better of former, we actually start walking towards our dreams, our goals, our ambitions and the happiness we experience standing at our destination is terrific, which can never be expressed through few words. A smile of relief says it all and when we look back to our journey we feel proud of ourselves, we can actually feel our existence. As if we were never alive before, as if we were just born, as if we just found ourselves. The goals and targets I am referring to are not always the bigger ones. Secret of happiness lies in small things and the sad part is many of the times we never realise their existence. Today while I was trekking on the hill, my goal was to reach till the top. After few minutes, the fight between my GIVE UP Soul and KEEP FIGHTING soul started. My GIVE UP Soul wanted me to stop, wanted me to quit as there is no harm in stopping midway as I am not going to achie
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  • Just Five MInutes
    Tale Teller | 26-Oct-2016
    “Come back. Please. Somehow,” he muttered. Maybe he forgot that memories never reply. Memories just remind us what once we had. Memories, for us, are the assets but for him, were the heaviest liability. Picture of his beloved vanished as he opened his eyes and watched the reality which his heart always denied but, as usual, mind won the war and made him to believe; she is no more. Several years ago she left him without a prior notice; maybe death was in haste. That day he locked himself in his room, cried, wept, yelled, and broke the vase and after some hours he wiped his face with his injured palm and unlocked the door. His elder sister exhaled a sigh of relief that he unlocked the door. Little did she know that something has been locked inside forever! His mother, seeing his wounded palm, ran towards him and pressed a cloth over the cut. Little did she know that something inside is bleeding and shall bleed forever. “Is that paining?” mother asked. “No, it’s alright,&rdq
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  • Gear up women-its time to save your tribe
    Diyaa | 25-Oct-2016
     "Pl don’t touch my child!" Cried Neha. It was very late at night when Neha’s mother in law had shut the house doors on her and locked them from in. Only till a few minutes before the scene was different, the quiet looking daughter in law had gotten tired of her in-laws taunts and moved down for some fresh air. She had left her 6 yr. old daughter sleeping in the room. After regaining her sanity she returned home to face a whole new bunch of bad glares from her in-laws. But to her shock the door had been shut for the night. She pleaded them and cried for sometime, when the door was finally unlocked. Her only thoughts were those for the safety of her daughter who was not liked by her grand parents. The 6 yr. old Aisha had not done anything to deserve such negative vibes from her own grandparents at such raw age. Neha feared her daughter being harmed by them or them not accepting her for the night. Where would have she gone with no money and no where to go?It was now close to six months now that
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  • Kritika Shrivastava | 21-Oct-2016
    Dost unhe khte h jinpe bharosa ho, dosti vo hoti jispe khud s zada bharosa ho duniya m dosti ko ma-baap k rishte s bhi upar rkha gya hai. Har kisi k zindagi m nye dost aate h, pr sche dost vhi hote ho jo hmko bina bole pehchaan le, bina bole smjh le.. Mere liye dosti p bharosa bohot zruri h... Agr dosti p bharosa nhi toh dosti hai h nhi! Duniya m juthe dost bohot milnge pr scha dost milna mushkil hai. 
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  • A Painstaking Tale of an Upcoming Musician: Anurag Vashisht
    Jolly Rawal | 06-Oct-2016
      ‘Meanwhile I was nurturing myself, I was gifted by God, The harmony of music came out to be elf, The count of music notes made me selph,  And a moment arrived, Where I started fostering in the land of music, Here, I found myself, I found myself.’   https://www.facebook.com/anurag.vashsiht     Surrounded by numerous people around, I was confined to specific limits of my family, where I wasn’t allowed to enter into the land of music and aspire to become a ‘Musician’.     But what they say? ‘Do BIG else Go Home’.   Putting myself forward as ‘Anurag Vashisht’, pondering over the lands of music is one of those persons who is determined enough to carry forward his passion on the line. It takes courage to do so, and I believe I have enough. Born and brought up in the land of Gods, ‘Mandi, Himachal Pradesh’, I was always intended to be a person who is out of the box. But what you think is not
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  • My Brother
    Kalamwali | 18-Aug-2016
      It was love at first site for me! I was just over three years old and that is how early I understood what it felt like to be possessive, protective and motherly. I can barely remember having felt insecure around him. In fact, as we grew up, my sense of being protective towards him got stronger. I loathed this one particular cousin and openly picked up fights with him as he would bully my sibling. I would weep hopelessly when my baby brother got hurt, yelled at or didn’t do well academically. One such incident of me being protective of him has made it to the list of top ten achievements of my life! In the year 2008, my brother decided to take a trip with his boys to Spain and Portugal. I had an exotic travel plan too, but I was obviously more excited about his trip as it was his first ever individual holiday. Just as the excitement was soaring, he heard from his friend that 2 out of the 5 boys who were to travel, had been denied the visa. And he was one of the two. I was shocked. We were a fai
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  • He & She
    Kalamwali | 09-Aug-2016
    He was arrogant but loving. She was kind but fierce. He was always sure of everything yet unaware of many things. She was never sure of anything but every once in a while she knew the right things. He was not perfect for her but he gave her perfect moments. She was as perfect as it could get but she was full of imperfections. He was very practical yet his heart worked full time. She was all heart yet her brain struck sometimes. His time was precious which he invested in her. Her feelings were priceless which she showered on him. He always looked to strike a balance yet loved to lose it sometimes. She was allergic to being balanced yet created the right balance between them. He added love to her drama and she added drama to his love. He brought out the adult in her and she brought out the child in him. He taught her all that she needed to know. She untaught him things he over knew. They both had those imperfect pieces of the puzzle that fit perfectly together!   -Kalamwali
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  • I want to be a Mosquito
    Kalamwali | 09-Jul-2016
       Conversing with a 5-year-old is a complicated task. Every sentence must be backed with enough logic to answer at least 3 questions that follow pertaining to that sentence. Right from ‘why’ to ‘what’ to ‘where’? And if there are no answers, or even worse, silly answers to these questions, then there are 5 more questions which follow that may even challenge the genuineness of your motherhood. On one such Sunday morning, while I was really savoring my cup of tea (something, even my mother will not dare and disturb {but my daughter gives a hang}), I was engrossed in reading an enticing article about molding into relationships. Just then this little ‘I am smart and I know it’ package, I call my daughter, walks up to me and crawls into the chair next to mine. I try hard to not take notice of her and pretend like I am still that engrossed in my read. She sits quiet, for 3 minutes precisely. And then says the word which I know will be followed by some 4
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