A Painstaking Tale of an Upcoming Musician: Anurag Vashisht

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‘Meanwhile I was nurturing myself,

I was gifted by God,

The harmony of music came out to be elf,

The count of music notes made me selph, 

And a moment arrived,

Where I started fostering in the land of music,

Here, I found myself,

I found myself.’





Surrounded by numerous people around, I was confined to specific limits of my family, where I wasn’t allowed to enter into the land of music and aspire to become a ‘Musician’.  


But what they say? ‘Do BIG else Go Home’.


Putting myself forward as ‘Anurag Vashisht’, pondering over the lands of music is one of those persons who is determined enough to carry forward his passion on the line. It takes courage to do so, and I believe I have enough.

Born and brought up in the land of Gods, ‘Mandi, Himachal Pradesh’, I was always intended to be a person who is out of the box. But what you think is not always what your elders support.


With just an age of 17 years, and struggling over a consistent period of 2 years I wasn’t supported by my family, when I delivered with them the idea of ‘Becoming Musician’.

A conventional method of ‘CA ka beta, CA banega’ was flowing through my family surroundings. And this tortured me. But being an Indian, and the morals what our culture represents, I respected the decisions made by my parents.


Not scoring enough marks in grade 9 & 10 Class, I was made to enter into a new school of Toppers, HAPS, Hamirpur. Receiving such a studious environment, I could recollect and miss all the memories I spent in Mandi, by delivering live stage shows in IIT Mandi and in and around many colleges in the district.


Initially, it was very difficult for me to survive in an environment where students really had nothing to do, except STUDYYINNNNG! I wondered how could a normal student force himself to study beyond the limit of 12 hours a day, it was astonishing. Though somehow I managed to stay, I felt recluse and frustrated.


But, with the passage of time. Things started changing as change is the spice of life.


My singing started getting appreciation in the school by my seniors and fellow mates. I used to receive eatables like, chips, chocolates and cold-drinks in return of my good singing in front of them. You see, you start getting motivated if you receive appreciation from people around for your passion, through any means, the feeling is very motivating!


It was time to go back to home for holidays, and I promised myself to come back to school with a recording this time. But everything has a perfect timing, isn’t it? And things again, didn’t turn out to the way I thought. My parents were getting disappointed with me day by day, because of my wrong career selection, (as they thought). But, it is impossible to put toothpaste into the tube back, and so was me this time. Before, I could study more for the exams, I thought of starting my recording and I contacted many music directors and headed towards Joginder Nagar, Mandi for my first music recording.


After this phase went, my parents challenged me to score 85+ percentile in class 11 and I could get the liber age to choose any school of my choice, no matter how expensive it was!


They challenged for me something which was out of my range, but receiving something which could be in my range; this was a tough competition this time. I studied hard and managed to score, you think less than 85?


You’ll be surprised, even I was. I scored 89% marks in class 11 and made my parents proud. They allowed me to choose the school of my choice, and this time it was Chandigarh.


Soon, I encountered this situation of recording; a replenishing thought came across my mind of starting my own Music Production House, with the label of my own. ‘Hurdles make you stronger’, pretty true. Collecting money from family, fetching sponsorships, and requesting friends to donate money (which nowadays is termed as ‘crowd-funding’) and through this entire means I collected a bag full of money and went to Delhi for initiating my own production house.


Here, I did a blunder. With every action you take, there must be a meticulous planning, and I didn’t PLAN! And the consequences were  heart wrenching, that I had to rush back to Chandigarh. This time, I was shattered. I thought of giving up and wouldn’t go back to this ‘Wrong Career Selection’, as my parents mentioned. But again, I stood up and thought of performing live shows and eventually I started earning and gaining popularity . But, the worst was still to come, as the event management companies took due advantage of my innocence and started treating me like a puppet in their hands.


This time, again I had a great fall .


Try and Try until you succeed’ was hovering over my mind. And such endless love for music again couldn’t stop me  this time, and Today I am here in front of you, presently the Co-founder of ‘Zenas Productions’ along with the Founder ‘Shaan Gupta’. Following my dream, I have already launched my first music album ‘Tum Na Rahi’ which has more than 1, 00,000+ mp3 downloads.


Hurdles and hard work paved the way for me.


To end happily, let’s just understand the fact that, ‘Obstacles define success and to every obstacle you encounter, you learn something’.


So Keep Learning and Keep Enjoying!









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