Jolly Rawal

  • A Painstaking Tale of an Upcoming Musician: Anurag Vashisht
    Jolly Rawal | 06-Oct-2016
      ‘Meanwhile I was nurturing myself, I was gifted by God, The harmony of music came out to be elf, The count of music notes made me selph,  And a moment arrived, Where I started fostering in the land of music, Here, I found myself, I found myself.’     Surrounded by numerous people around, I was confined to specific limits of my family, where I wasn’t allowed to enter into the land of music and aspire to become a ‘Musician’.     But what they say? ‘Do BIG else Go Home’.   Putting myself forward as ‘Anurag Vashisht’, pondering over the lands of music is one of those persons who is determined enough to carry forward his passion on the line. It takes courage to do so, and I believe I have enough. Born and brought up in the land of Gods, ‘Mandi, Himachal Pradesh’, I was always intended to be a person who is out of the box. But what you think is not
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