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“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”- Mahatma Gandhi

COVID 19, is one of the worst known Pandemics to the world. Not only because of the way it spread across borders, irrespective of geographies, but also because of the global meltdown it has brought along. While the entire world, was racing against time to win every battle, big or small, and to remain undefeated, nobody stopped to think that a virus could put everyone’s dreams and plans on hold and bring the entire planet to a standstill. A tiny jostle, causing a crack of the magnitude that could rumble the entire system within weeks. This may have broken backbones of the most elaborate global agendas, but it has also diluted boundaries and brought together the entire humanity in a fight against the pandemic.

One such global entity, standing tall, going strong and making their resources of great help to the frontline warriors of the Pandemic is Jaguar Land Rover. Associated with trust and dependability, JLR has been a part of this war against COVID 19 globally, in every way they can be. JLR is one of the largest automotive manufacturers of the United Kingdom and is built on two brands- Jaguar and Land Rover.

“We can’t help everyone. But everyone can help someone”- Ronald Reagan

With this attitude, JLR has has deployed over 360 VEHICLES worldwide, to EMERGENCY RESPONSE ORGANISATIONS. Around 90 JLR VEHICLES are supporting RED CROSS SOCIETIES and other frontline services in SPAIN, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA, BRAZIL, ITALY, BELGIUM, RUSSIA, GERMANY and The NETHERLANDS. In addition, they have provided 15 VEHICLES to the UK's NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES for their campaign “Help NHS Heroes” which is taking the efforts to deliver VITAL SUPPLIES to NHS STAFF and its FRONTLINE WORKERS.

Apart from that, in South Africa, JLR has also partnered with the South African RED CROSS and Minnie Dlamini Foundation in order to deliver over 2,400 packets of food, enough to last for a month, to the underprivileged. With the help of developing technology and JLR’s engineering expertise, it has now started producing and delivering NHS approved 3D-PRINTED VISORS and aims to deliver around 14,000 visors per week in the UK. The production has also begun at their facilities in Rio de Janeiro and Italy. These visors will be delivered to the local health workers and hospitals. JLR has also donated WRAPAROUND SAFETY GLASSES to hospitals across the UK. JLR is not only providing MASKS and VEHICLES, but also encouraging their employees to get involved with local and national COMMUNITY EFFORTS, including the NHS call for volunteer responders. As a business, they are doing everything they can, to support people in need around the world including VEHICLE DEPLOYMENT, CASH DONATIONS AND ENGINEERING EXPERTISE.

To be able to step up, as and when, to think beyond numbers, and to do what can help in crucial times, is what makes anyone’s existence worthwhile. KALAMWALI SALUTES JLR for their valuable global contribution in easing lives of the frontline warriors during the lockdown 2020.

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