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"What you do with what you have, is what you will be remembered for"- Kalamwali.

A global pandemic of the magnitude of COVID 19, will change many things in the world forever. It will be a part of history where the happenings of the world will be remembered as before COVID 19 and after COVID 19. It will also erase the line between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ given its impact on every strata of the society. But amidst all this chaos and scare, there are those who have risen to the occasion and come forward with all their might to help fight this situation. The Janseva Sangathna under the able leadership of Dr. Dhavalsinh Pratapsinh Mohitepatil has been working tirelessly to provide basic amenities to the needy through the lockdown.

The "Janseva Sangathna" was established by Loknete Shri. Pratapsinh Mohitepatil in Malshiras, Solapur in the year 1973. Today it is headed by Dr. Dhavalsinh Pratapsinh Mohitepatil. This is a social service organisation which operates with the motto " Jevat Jivman Asel to Jansevach Karu" which means " we will work for our people till our last breath." This organisation has no political motive or inclination and works solely for the people and society. It started off in Malshiras Taluka and then expanded to the entire Solapur district in the year 1998 and to the whole state of Maharashtra in the year 2005. Today it has  52,899 members all over the state and the numbers keep increasing every year. 

With a well established network and clarity in thoughts and intent, this organisation started providing help since the first day of the lockdown.

  1. Distribution of basic groceries like Wheat, (gehu) Dal, Rice, sugar, tea powder, cooking oil, chilly powder, soap etc. to 2,600 families in Akluj, 200 families nearby, 200 families in Sangola Taluka, 50 families of Phule Nagar, Malshiras Taluka, 51 families in Choundeshwar wadi, 75 cleanliness workers and 110 families from Natepute. 

  2. Distribution of the monthly ration to ration card holders in advance and free of cost in the village of Vijaywadi.

  3. Distribution of breakfast and lunch daily from the first day of lockdown till it ends to the Road construction and cold storage WORKERS and other LABOURERS in Atpadi and Dighanchi. 

  4. Daily distribution of meals to around 300 ORPHANED and  HOMELESS from the first day of the lockdown till it ends in Akluj city. Also to the homeless people of Natepute city. 

  5. Doorstep Free distribution of vegetables like onions, pumpkin, tomatoes, chillies, potatoes, cabbage, bitter gourd, beans etc. 1/2 kg each to the HANDICAPED and SENIOR CITIZENS who are daily wage workers in Vijaywadi village.
  6. Due to the borders being sealed, DAILY WAGE WORKERS in Pune and Mumbai have been suffering. Many such workers who are originally from Karnataka have been walking back home via the Pune Solapur highway. Janseva Sangathna Mahada Taluka has provided these people with a place to stay at Sant Rohidas Ashramshala near Tembhurni and are being served breakfast, snacks and meals on a daily basis.

  7. Maharashtra Rajya Janseva Sangathna along with Temburni Grampanchayat conducted a drive to spray disinfectants in Temburni.

  8. Due to the lockdown- weddings, holy Yatras (prilgrimage processions), fairs etc have been canceled. The LOCAL ARTISTS who earn living out of these have been given one month ration and groceries.

  9. Not limiting their help to humans alone, they went a step further. Shri. Yamaidevi temple Mhalung is a home to hundreds of monkeys. These are fed by the people who visit the temple to offer their prayers. Due to the lockdown there are no pilgrims and hence, all these monkeys are being fed on a daily basis.

  10. Nutritious meals are being provided to the people residing in the GOVERNMENT HOME SHELTERS in association with Temburni Grampanchayat. 1 month of supplies are being provided to 89 families living in the interior areas of Mandrup village of Dakshin (south) Solapur taluka.

  11. Bottles of 200 ml sanitizers and 1000 masks were given to about 400 families in Vijaywadi village.

  12. Blood donation camps have been conducted over the whole district and about 1000 people and counting including the head of the Janseva Sangathna Dr. Dhavalsinh Mohitepatil have donated blood till date. 

The Janseva Sangathna is tirelessly working every single day to make lives of the needy in the remotest parts of the state, easier in these difficult times. And they have been doing this successfully as over the years the organization has been divided into various subsections so as to make it easy to focus on particular sections of society and to work for them with ease. We at Kalamwali salute Janseva Sangathna and Dr. Dhavalsinh Pratapsinh Mohitepatil for their priceless and continued contribution to the society through the Lockdown.

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