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“Having a lot and giving a little is CHARITY.
Having a little and giving a lot is GENEROSITY”- Kalamwali 

This story deserves more than a salute. It deserves an applause, a lot of respect, and immense amount of help. Dedicating your entire life for those whose lives are a big question mark, is the most selfless kind of dedication. There’s always a choice. To look or look away. To think or not even think about what you see. To want to do something about it and to actually getting down to doing it. This is a story of someone who has done first and then maybe thought about it. This is a story of Vinayak Deokar- Founder and President of Mahatma Gandhi School- Pune 

An orphan by birth, he was adopted and brought up by an old couple who were stone breakers. Having gone through the struggle of surviving without basics like a good Education, he always had to settle with taking up petty jobs. And so that noone around him suffers like him, he founded the Mahatma Gandhi School under which he has been providing FREE EDUCATION to 290 children of widows, divorcees and prisoners. Along with that, he also provides for their books, bags, uniforms, shoes, sweaters and stationery.

He only recently landed enough funds to build a school which he was supporting by doing endless petty jobs like collecting old newspapers. But he doesn’t mind any of this as, running this school is the only mission of his life. It doesn’t end here. He also plays a big role in collecting funds for families of these children for their medical emergencies and hospital expenses.

When the lockdown was announced, he knew he would be witnessing hunger, poverty and extreme situations amongst many around him. He instantly decided to extend his help wherever required.

From 24th March onwards, he started collecting funds to reach out to all the areas where people were going hungry. With tremendous and generous support from various foundations and donors having faith in this man, he has provided FOOD TO FAMILIES in areas like VISHRANTWADI AND YERWADA in Pune. Also to the SEX WORKERS of Budhwar Peth, PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED, TRANSGENDERS and DAILY WAGE WORKERS. Complying with every safety measure, he is doing immense field work with the help of the teaching staff of the Mahatma Gandhi School. 

They use the school premise to pack food grains and ration bags and have supported 3,500 families through the lockdown, with the second round of help already in progress. Such people define ‘human’ of the word ‘humanity’.

We at KALAMWALI, Salute Vinayak Deokar and thank  ‘With Love For You Charitable Foundation’ who notified us about them. This foundation has helped Mr. Deokar with resources and funds on several occasions and continues to do so. If you or your organisation wish to extent help to Mr. Deokar, he can be contacted on 9822208529. To know more about him and Mahatma Gandhi School, visit them at www.mahatmagandhischoolpune.org

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