Deepak Bhansali

Words work like meditation for me. I paint feelings through words. My mission is to explore different perceptions of love, life and dreams through expressing day-to-day stories of simple people in a profound way and thereby inspire millions of people.
The nation is completely locked down and I am home quarantined for a month. No office and not much work. So I wake up late, pass my day thinking what to do and end up doing nothing, watch movies or series till late night and sleep with no hope of... read more...
01-Apr-2020 • 613 views
“You know what? Teenage is such an interesting phase of life! When we were in our teens, our minds were pure and hearts innocent. Our life was like a random stone from which we would try and carve out a beautiful sculpture. We had no responsibilities to shoulder. We... read more...
16-Apr-2020 • 690 views
मी आहे डोळ्यात साठून पडलेले अश्रू,जे बाहेर निघण्याची वाट शोधू पाहत आहे,पण मी रडणार तरी कुणासाठी,आरश्या समोरच्या अनोळख्या व्यक्ती साठी?कि नात्यांच्या नावावर होत असलेल्या भावन... read more...
20-Apr-2020 • 1630 views
They say beauty is a superficial aspect. Abs and zero figures don’t matter anymore. The perception of love has changed. But has it? What if the love of your life – say the most beautiful person in town – meets with an unfortunate accident and ends up impaired... read more...
25-Apr-2020 • 724 views
» Long
‘Struggles become her path-finders.’   As she opened her eyes, the first thing she did was crySince her parents desired a successor, a wish, she had failed to satisfy… In the pursuit of a son, they were blessed by fate,With two more daughters, Luck and... read more...
14-May-2020 • 734 views
» Long
Life is not a seashore, it’s a roller coaster ride! With hopes in her heart & dreams in her eyes,Dodging the society’s unasked advice,She stepped in Mumbai – not a city but an emotion,As hectic as local trains, as deep as an ocean... read more...
15-May-2020 • 717 views
» Long
Let the hardships attack, together we will get through!   After countless sleepless nights & resilient feud,It was her time to shine and make her parents proud,But for so called society she was now a ready commodity,Marrying & raising kids must be her sole responsibility! But she... read more...
17-May-2020 • 723 views
अंधेरा भी मे, उजाला भी मे, मे हु तो सब है, मे नहीं तो कुछ भी नहींI   देखो तो नज़रियाँ हु, दिखाओ तो नज़ाकत हु, ख़ामोशी की ज़ुबान हु, झुक गयी तो अपमान हुI   ख़ुशी भ... read more...
26-May-2020 • 1707 views
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