Journey of every woman! (Part 2 of 3)

By Deepak Bhansali in Poems » Long
Updated 00:47 IST May 15, 2020

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Life is not a seashore, it’s a roller coaster ride!

With hopes in her heart & dreams in her eyes,
Dodging the society’s unasked advice,
She stepped in Mumbai – not a city but an emotion,
As hectic as local trains, as deep as an ocean!

Near the seashore, at the marine drive,
She finally felt that she was alive,
She used to sit there for hours,
Sometimes with the cold breeze,
At times with the gentle showers!

She met many people, made new friends,
Got used to the city’s speed, hugged new trends,
Fell in love with her classmate,
Surrendered her soul to her soul mate!

She believed, she combated the high tide,
Time had come to live with joy & pride,
But life is not a seashore, it’s a roller coaster ride,
It always have steep slopes with every sharp rise!

What she considered as love was his obsession,
He started treating her like a greedy possession,
She dismantled her feelings, defused all connected cords,
Got cut in half by the depression’s sharp sword!

Before she could get over,
Her father endured another financial setback,
The father could not take it and suffered a brain attack,
Once again miseries lingered around her fortune,
Like the dark clouds had overshadowed the full moon!

Sister’s education and father’s treatment,
Made her start part time assignments,
Moreover to make all these possible,
Breakfast became her lunch, and dinner was made optional!

All these affected her career the most,
Failed thrice in exams, entire morale was lost!
Perching at the seashore her soul wept,
Like everything was over, nothing was left!

But her childhood made her a true fighter,
Furthermore, adversity is the meticulous educator,
She presumed all these as a heavy Mumbai rainfall,
Once it gets over, train of her goals would be ready to roll!

She scrabbled, swam, even dived against the flow,
Crawled towards the path she determined to go,
Winning her fears and battling the obstacles hassle-free,
She reached the seashore, rewarded with the degree!

Yet again, before she could celebrate her success,
The trivial society forced her for marriage,
She opposed a lot but finally had to agree,
With a question hanging around her mind,
Will it cage her or set her soul free!

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