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The Global Pandemic of COVID 19 has changed the dynamics of everything. If you can think of 10 problems related to the pandemic to solve, there may actually be 12 problems that need solving. COVID 19 has also changed the definition of a hero. Today’s Heroes wear lab coats and stethoscopes. We feel safe because we have these heroes taking care of us. But who takes care of them? Have we thought about the challenges that these doctors and nurses have to face every day while testing hundreds of patients coming in with the symptoms of COVID 19? The risk of being exposed to the virus? It’s humongous. And yet they show up to work each day!

In all this chaos, the Ravetkar Group came up with something for these #CoronaWarriors as they call them. To help minimize the exposure for the doctors and maximize their safety, the Ravetkar Group started a life-saving initiative of installing SAFE COVID-19 TESTING KIOSKS in Pune’s top HOSPITALS and TESTING CENTRES. With the help of socially committed organizations and citizens, they arranged these KIOSKS wherever possible, for the hygiene and protection of doctors and nurses on the frontline.

Amol Ravetkar, Director of Ravetkat Group, saw this SWAB TESTING MODEL being used in Kerala, on social media. It inspired him and he immediately decided to implement the same in Pune. Ravetkar group instantly arranged for these and installed them at Hospitals and Testing Centres. These kiosks make it easy for patients to submit samples. All they have to do is stand in front of the glass counter from where the medical worker can collect the swab samples. This takes only a few minutes and is entirely contactless, reducing the chances of medical helpers to be exposed to the infection. Given the commendable work our doctors, nurses, and technicians are doing, this could be one way to give back to them, thought Mr. Amol. To this date, Ravetkar Group has installed more than 10 COVID-19 testing facilities in top hospitals like Sassoon, Naidu, Ruby, and more in Pune.

In today’s world of incessant difficulties, there are those who keep their eyes and ears open to learn of ways to help and hands open to offer help. This is known as true philanthropy. Team Kalamwali salutes Amol Ravetkar and group for doing this noble deed and contributing for a better tomorrow.

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