Journey of every woman! (Part 3 of 3)

By Deepak Bhansali in Poems » Long
Updated 19:32 IST May 17, 2020

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Let the hardships attack, together we will get through!


After countless sleepless nights & resilient feud,
It was her time to shine and make her parents proud,
But for so called society she was now a ready commodity,
Marrying & raising kids must be her sole responsibility!

But she resolved not to fall into this foolish bait,
She’d rather be independent & self-reliant,
She travelled to Pune, to meet the guy and reject,
By finding out some or the other defect!

“Do you really want to have the dull & tasteless Coffee?”
She questioned as they entered in a CCD.
“You spoke my mind, I’d rather prefer a Wadapav”
The Punekar answered without any ambiguity.

Then with a roadside wadapav & chilled buttermilk,
They raised a toast to their first ever meet!

They shared likes, dislikes, habits, even addictions,
From Pune-Mumbai comparison to their past relations!
They spoke like they knew each other since long,
For the first time Mumbai and Pune got along!

His thoughts were so unique & one of a kind,
The rejection thing got skipped from her mind!
He asked, ‘Let’s meet again, I’d like to know you better’
She agreed to it without any hesitation whatsoever!

Sometimes even years of togetherness is worthless,
And at times a few moments spent seems endless!
Mood of rejection converted into the feeling of affection,
Still confused but yet she decided to unfold this relation!

From pasta to pastry, her sketches to his poetry,
From marine line sharing to the debates in the taxi,
Spoke what they felt, nothing they had to pretend,
Their second meeting was the best day she had ever spent!

“I have a family to run, as my parents don’t have a son,
I crave for my own identity & I refuse to be a social commodity”
She, finally, spilled the fights her mind was going through,
His reply invoked the thought process she never knew!

He said,
“Dear, marriage is not an obligation, it’s a feeling of warmth,
It’s having trust & keeping faith, it’s the love of the purest form!
I won’t steal your identity, I’d rather encourage you,
Let the hardships attack, together we will get through!

Be a part of my path, your destination will be mine,
You be my encouragement, I’ll help you shine!”

She still dreamed but now with a companion,
He became her guide & she was his second opinion!
and there is nothing called,
…and they lived happily ever after
Rather it always should be,
‘….and they faced all the ups and downs of life happily & together!’

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