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They say beauty is a superficial aspect. Abs and zero figures don’t matter anymore. The perception of love has changed.

But has it?

What if the love of your life – say the most beautiful person in town – meets with an unfortunate accident and ends up impaired & crippled?

Would you still love them the same?

Let me take you through a true story. A story that redefined the meaning of love, commitment, and the relationship of a husband and a wife, teaching me a new, pure and loyal perception of love!

Supriya was the prettiest girl in the entire college. A glamorous fashionista, her stunning beauty never left a head unturned. Suraj was the handsome heart throb of the college. Girls would die to date him. Implicitly both of them fell in love with each other, shattering the hearts of many. With an unchallengeable chemistry, they were perfect together!

They dated for few years and once they set a strong foothold of their individual careers, they got married. Suraj was an entrepreneur and Supriya was a dance choreographer. Within a few years, they were blessed with twin girls. Years passed. Life was all pink roses, like a fairy tale.

But life without twists and turns is a myth, right?

Supriya began to experience acute pain in her lower back. She kept ignoring it, until one day, the pain became unbearable. It was worse than what she had expected. She had a slip disc. The doctor recommended a small and safe surgery. Suraj booked the best surgeon in the city.

But sometimes, even the best make mistakes. Regarded as the incarnation of god, the doctor left a tiny screw inside Supriya’s abdomen by mistake.

Doctors are humans too. And all humans make mistakes. Certain mistakes can be forgiven. But what if a mistake upturns your life? Would forgiveness help?

When Supriya woke up the next day, she couldn’t feel her feet. Suraj was stunned. Immediately, he called for a doctor.

Supriya had suffered a paralysis attack. Her entire lower body was paralyzed.

Petrified, she collapsed into tears. At that moment, she knew she could never dance if she didn’t recover. Her tears flowed incessantly. Hugging her tight, Suraj whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry dear, everything will be alright, trust me.”

Suraj consoled her all night. He tried convincing her that it was all temporary and soon she would be back to normal.

Suraj approached all the top hospitals, consulted the best specialists, even contacted international surgeons – but nothing helped. Years passed, but Supriya’s situation did not improve. Suraj sued the doctor for his sheer negligence. But he knew that this would not bring Supriya’s health back.

Suraj was relentless. He did not give up. He travelled from cities to cities, sought help from doctors, looked for ayurvedic treatments, even for Babas in ashrams - but his efforts went vain. Neither the science worked nor the superstitions.

Another year went by. Suraj hired a cook, and a nurse for Supriya’s physiotherapy. He sold his factory and dedicated all his time to Surpiya’s healthcare. He would dance for her, motivate her, and even take her out on dates – on a wheelchair! He made all the possible efforts to keep her spirits high. And Supriya could sense all his efforts. She too did not give up. Every waking moment, she would try hard to move her legs. She would do all the household chores on wheelchair as much as she could. Right from getting the children ready for school to helping them for their homework, she would contribute her efforts. Even the children grew up matured, the kind of maturity that comes with experience and not age. Everyone’s life had changed completely, but the love remained the same.

I aksed Suraj, “You know she might never recover, right? How long will you keep living like this?”

He said, “Yes, I know she might never be able to get back on her feet. Supriya must have begged me to leave her at least a hundred times. But, you know what, in college, I did not fall for her because she was the prettiest girl in the college, but because she had a heart of gold, because she understood me like no one else could, because she completed me. I cannot change our destiny but destiny also has no right to change the love I have for her. She is a part of me so how can I leave myself?”

That day Suraj taught me something about true love.

Fill your lives with so much love that hardships make you stronger.

Make your love so pure that even the biggest obstacles fail to handicap your love.

 True love is loving someone so unconditionally that even destiny bows down to your love.

And the most importantly,

love the soul, not the body.

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