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Food for Thought..When my Man cooks, He does it with his heart...Theres passion and love, In every bit and part!..Food is not what you eat, It's what you feel deep...An energy sublime, it makes your soul leap!..The kitchen is his playground, Hes scoring all... read more...
16-Apr-2020 • 799 views
Marine Drive- The Queens Necklace...that's where his and my love deepened.There is something else about this place. Something that is hard to pin, and even harder to capture in words.Mumbai was our little escape since more than a decade; and especially nights at marine drive had... read more...
20-Apr-2020 • 834 views
*I WILL SPEAK UP*So everyone has come out to talk about Mental Health!That is not only fantastic, it's a reason to celebrate!Some dint know there was a term like this. Some dint know what it meant or where to apply it.Some knew they had issues... read more...
19-Jun-2020 • 842 views
I have received many messages about the influence and impact I had on people, my positivity and the direction of my lifes journey which was inspiring and my instagram posts were looked forward to.It is an extremely humbling process and fills me with tremendous gratitude to each one of... read more...
22-Jun-2020 • 965 views
As per the Hindu calendar, my birthday falls on Guru Poornima. To think of it deeply...i wouldn't have whisked my way on Earth on any other day! . . Gu- means darkness and Ru- means Light. A guru takes you from darkness to light. For me, Gu (darkness) itself is... read more...
05-Jul-2020 • 784 views
A long time ago conditions were suchThe distance between the earth and sky was not very muchThe earth and the sky were very closeThe earth a green leaf; the sky a pink roseOne day they fell in loveThe Earth sent a message to the sky aboveFrom then began their love... read more...
08-Jan-2021 • 683 views
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