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  • Food For Thought
    Food for Thought..When my Man cooks, He does it with his heart...Theres passion and love, In every bit and part!..Food is not what you eat, It's what you feel deep...An energy sublime, it makes your soul leap!..The kitchen is his playground, Hes scoring all the sixes...Tossing around chicken and veggies, Theres nothing that he misses!..If food could speak, it would say...You treated me well and made my day!..Small experiments in the kitchen, Big feasts on the table...It's like im floating in a dreamland inside a fable!..My home smells divine, Aromas are in the air...A pop here, a pop there, Theres colour everywhere!..Every recipe has a secret, a secret ingredient of pyaar...My palate sings the melodies of sweet, savoury and sour!..So much Gratitude to see his love on a plate...Every night has started to feel like a date!..He and his food, its a little kitchen dance...Love for food is a new level spiced up romance!..- DS
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  • Mumbai with Meri Jaan
    Marine Drive- The Queens Necklace...that's where his and my love deepened.There is something else about this place. Something that is hard to pin, and even harder to capture in words.Mumbai was our little escape since more than a decade; and especially nights at marine drive had our heart.Hours just sitting there, listening to the ocean over mindless chatter and cool winds brushing over us. We fell in love again.It's not where you are, its who you are with that makes a place memorable.No matter how many times I visit it. It doesnt cease to amaze me.Even the queens neck would be empty if not for marine drive...We shared this space, this love with our daughter Adaah; and made it even more special by sharing our deep love for yoga amidst scores of onlookers! The sunset bestowing us with hope and faith of a better future....we felt embraced in its arms.Its amusing how she thinks I'm completely nuts to get down to yoga anywhere and everywhere, especially with so many onlookers and then joins my bandwagon with
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  • Stir up. Stand up. Speak up.
    *I WILL SPEAK UP*So everyone has come out to talk about Mental Health!That is not only fantastic, it's a reason to celebrate!Some dint know there was a term like this. Some dint know what it meant or where to apply it.Some knew they had issues but hadn't ever defined it.Some had issues but dint know how to take the first step.Some had tools and worked on them.Some had the right listeners and friends always.Some seeked help professionally.Some are still lost...A persons IQ doesnt define him. Our core is our EQ. Tough situations, tough decisions, tough relationships, tough lives. It's the same across the sphere. How to look after your emotions is the number 1 need on any platform you are.And let's be honest, most of us have once in our life had the thought of ending our lives even if all that it was, was a passing thought. So to have tools in your hand, mediums to work on self help, or seeking a counsellor should simply be a way of life.We are not born with knowing it all and let's admit the world is full of to
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  • It is least about me, it is always about YOU!
    I have received many messages about the influence and impact I had on people, my positivity and the direction of my lifes journey which was inspiring and my instagram posts were looked forward to.It is an extremely humbling process and fills me with tremendous gratitude to each one of you who reached out...I have always believed that though the Giver is great, the true greatness lies in the Receiver.The Giver is giving out the same love, energy, positivity and inspiration but not all are receiving it in the same manner.To some it brings a smile while to others they draw inspiration from it.To some it is nothing more than a scroll and to others a waste of time.You are the eyes through which you see and draw lessons from it."Two men standing in jail. One sees the bars, the other sees the stars"Perspective is everything.It is least about the giver, it is always about the receiver...God gives us everything - joys and sorrows, nature and nurture. But we all derive different lessons, different levels of gratitude f
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  • Walking towards Ru
    As per the Hindu calendar, my birthday falls on Guru Poornima. To think of it deeply...i wouldn't have whisked my way on Earth on any other day! . . Gu- means darkness and Ru- means Light. A guru takes you from darkness to light. For me, Gu (darkness) itself is the brightest Ru (light) In the dark cocoon, a butterfly is born. Breakdowns teach breakthroughs. Rock bottom is the turning point. Reflection is Rebirth. Healing requires Hurting. Even the Cosmos requires Chaos to grow! . . My biggest Guru is Poornima.  The Moon doesn't steal the darkness. It only unveils the beauty of the dark through its light. It is because of the dark sky, that we meet this light. Theres so much than meets the sk-eye!  From Gu, it starts its journey towards Ru. Mindful and aware, learning through each phase. Glowing through each turn and becoming Poorna. And then ever so gently, it starts its journey towards darkness once again, knowing that all growth lies in there.  Gu-Ru is a never ending process in
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