Walking towards Ru

By Dimple Somji yogaandfairylife in Experiences
Updated 20:25 IST Jul 05, 2020

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As per the Hindu calendar, my birthday falls on Guru Poornima. To think of it deeply...i wouldn't have whisked my way on Earth on any other day!
Gu- means darkness and Ru- means Light. A guru takes you from darkness to light. For me, Gu (darkness) itself is the brightest Ru (light)
In the dark cocoon, a butterfly is born.
Breakdowns teach breakthroughs.
Rock bottom is the turning point. Reflection is Rebirth.
Healing requires Hurting.
Even the Cosmos requires Chaos to grow!
My biggest Guru is Poornima. 
The Moon doesn't steal the darkness. It only unveils the beauty of the dark through its light. It is because of the dark sky, that we meet this light. Theres so much than meets the sk-eye! 
From Gu, it starts its journey towards Ru. Mindful and aware, learning through each phase. Glowing through each turn and becoming Poorna. And then ever so gently, it starts its journey towards darkness once again, knowing that all growth lies in there. 
Gu-Ru is a never ending process in our lives. You can never be only in complete light...for who you will be, lies in the dark.
Release. Rebirth. Repeat.
My biggest Guru is darkness that has made me appreciate my strength and seek the light. I thank everyone on my journey who made me stop and think, return and reevaluate, walk in the direction of faith and turn me into a soul of light itself. 
I honour the depth of Gu-Ru for choosing me to be its biggest disciple
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