" A woman you are When will you learn? To speak softly, laugh only little, Sit neatly, walk garcefully, every breath governed!   You have to be calm and demure  Your words and thoughts and your body impure,  You bleed every month, woman, its a disgrace Ensure you hide... read more...
30-Jun-2020 • 793 views
Yes. I am an ordinary woman. A woman who doesnt match up to any social standard of beauty. I have a brown skin and I have'nt bothered becoming fair or lovely using any product or foundation or treatment.  I have crater like acne on my face. Marks and... read more...
08-Jul-2020 • 847 views
We are sorry Beyoncé. We are sorry George Floyd. We are sorryball teh women and men and even children, who; were taught to believe that tehy weren't beautiful because they weren't fair. That they lacked something because their skin had more melanin! And somehow that seemed to... read more...
09-Sep-2020 • 728 views
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