• Born of Blood
    " A woman you are When will you learn? To speak softly, laugh only little, Sit neatly, walk garcefully, every breath governed!   You have to be calm and demure  Your words and thoughts and your body impure,  You bleed every month, woman, its a disgrace Ensure you hide it well and even cover your face!   Its something to be kept safe and secret  Its a curse being a woman - my biggest regret! This pain and the struggle that comes every month  This isnt the time to pull your bold stunts!   So stay at home and stay within the walls  Dont fly too much lest trouble befalls  Its a man's world we cannot change Be grateful, for us he drops his sweat!   What makes you feel you can change the world? There will only be insults and accusations hurled  At you and me for doing a bad job Unable to do more than sit and sob!   Wake up young woman! Its time to realise your fate And learn your place and duties  Before it gets too late!"
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  • Yes. I am an ordinary woman. A woman who doesnt match up to any social standard of beauty. I have a brown skin and I have'nt bothered becoming fair or lovely using any product or foundation or treatment.  I have crater like acne on my face. Marks and scars aplenty from pimples, hormones, sun tanning, stress and even anxiety.  I have dry skin, that needs to be mositurized twice a day so that it doesnt become dry or flaky. Nothing close to the surreal, supple soft skin that women are supposed to have! My palms, are rough with countless intersceting lines and far from soft! On most occasions they are harder and more rough than the hands of most men and women with whom I would shake hands! (Pre corona times). My nails are brittle and chip easy, seldom looking like the manicured beautiful hands of the women seen in media.  I have cellulite, strech mars and most defintely a figure that doesnt fit the social standards of beauty.  Neither do I have a sun kissed, golden glow on my face when I
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