Born of Blood

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Updated 13:23 IST Jun 30, 2020

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" A woman you are

When will you learn?

To speak softly, laugh only little,

Sit neatly, walk garcefully, every breath governed!


You have to be calm and demure 

Your words and thoughts and your body impure, 

You bleed every month, woman, its a disgrace

Ensure you hide it well and even cover your face!


Its something to be kept safe and secret 

Its a curse being a woman - my biggest regret!

This pain and the struggle that comes every month 

This isnt the time to pull your bold stunts!


So stay at home and stay within the walls 

Dont fly too much lest trouble befalls 

Its a man's world we cannot change

Be grateful, for us he drops his sweat!


What makes you feel you can change the world?

There will only be insults and accusations hurled 

At you and me for doing a bad job

Unable to do more than sit and sob!


Wake up young woman!

Its time to realise your fate

And learn your place and duties 

Before it gets too late!"


"My dear old world,

I am finally awake and all that you say 

Is the price my sisters had to pay

For being a woman and not seen as human!


My time has finally come, and I shall speak my mind, 

And I wont fumble and struggle for words to find 

For I have been voiceless far too long 

I have been waiting long to sing my song !


So here it is, its time you hear 

That I'm a woman and the revolution is near 

For me to take stand for my kin 

Because I'm born a woman and that is no sin!


Yes, I bleed and I bleed for days 

And there is nothing to hide or erase 

This is the blood we are all made of 

You , me and all the men and its a gaffe 


To keep it a secret that I get period 

For that's normal, pure and even sacred 

Just like the baby's laughter you oh so love 

Or the Goddess you worship from heavens above!


I am a woman and I have learnt 

For centuries I have been burnt 

For no reason, fault of mine 

I have been punished for another's crime


I am a woman and I bleed 

And to survive, that blood, we need 

Its time you learnt to worship and revere 

This blood, me, and to a new world we steer!" 

 Priyanka Kadam ( Meera)

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