Brown Girl in the Ring?

By insidethemindofatherapist in Daily Musings
Updated 20:04 IST Sep 09, 2020

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We are sorry Beyoncé.

We are sorry George Floyd.

We are sorryball teh women and men and even children, who; were taught to believe that tehy weren't beautiful because they weren't fair. That they lacked something because their skin had more melanin! And somehow that seemed to matter more than what they had in their minds and hearts!

We are sorry that we are a society of hipocrites who will worship a dark Goddess but confine the standards of beauty and songs of love and romance to fairness. A society that prides on its emotional intelliegence (really?!!) and its capacity to be compassionate while reducing the self-worth of people to tubes and creams that make false promises of fairness and promote advertisements that promise a turn of fate as soon as you are shades lighter!

We are sorry that we joined the world in posting 'blacklivesmatter' to join the protest against racism and conveniently and ignorantly will share, play and dance to the racist bollywood songs that shame women for their dark skins.

We are sorry to all those who had to constantly struggle to remind themselves that their worth is not dependant on the shade of their skin colour and strive to negate the effects of this vain and shallow society that incessantly obsesses about fair skin and just wouldn't stop!

We are sorry. For the shame we bring to ourselves and refuse to learn, grow and rise above these shallow values of our rich culture and oh so innocent, ignorant hearts! 

We are sorry. That we are not sorry. 

Brown girl not in the ring and not sorry!

Priyanka Kadam


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