Mumbai with Meri Jaan

By Dimple Somji yogaandfairylife in Travelogues
Updated 15:14 IST Apr 20, 2020

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Marine Drive- The Queens Necklace...that's where his and my love deepened.
There is something else about this place. Something that is hard to pin, and even harder to capture in words.
Mumbai was our little escape since more than a decade; and especially nights at marine drive had our heart.
Hours just sitting there, listening to the ocean over mindless chatter and cool winds brushing over us. We fell in love again.
It's not where you are, its who you are with that makes a place memorable.
No matter how many times I visit it. It doesnt cease to amaze me.

Even the queens neck would be empty if not for marine drive...
We shared this space, this love with our daughter Adaah; and made it even more special by sharing our deep love for yoga amidst scores of onlookers! The sunset bestowing us with hope and faith of a better future....we felt embraced in its arms.
Its amusing how she thinks I'm completely nuts to get down to yoga anywhere and everywhere, especially with so many onlookers and then joins my bandwagon with as much craziness! We make the perfect cray couple!

The gentle breeze,The quiet sea,
Jus a touch between her and me.
She doing her thing, me doing mine
Not a word needed except a sign.
The chaos, the banter, the train
Mumbai's glory is in its pain.
Survival here needs a soldier's grit
But we simply can't do without it.
Hardwork pays, as it always will
After yoga, there was absolute thrill.
Her favourite milkshake in my favourite city
Gratitude, joy and tranquility.

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rohit 16-May-2024 01:14

mumbai seems to be a nice place

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