Stir up. Stand up. Speak up.

By Dimple Somji yogaandfairylife in Health & Wellness
Updated 16:20 IST Jun 19, 2020

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So everyone has come out to talk about Mental Health!
That is not only fantastic, it's a reason to celebrate!
Some dint know there was a term like this. Some dint know what it meant or where to apply it.
Some knew they had issues but hadn't ever defined it.
Some had issues but dint know how to take the first step.
Some had tools and worked on them.
Some had the right listeners and friends always.
Some seeked help professionally.
Some are still lost.
A persons IQ doesnt define him. Our core is our EQ. Tough situations, tough decisions, tough relationships, tough lives. It's the same across the sphere. How to look after your emotions is the number 1 need on any platform you are.
And let's be honest, most of us have once in our life had the thought of ending our lives even if all that it was, was a passing thought. So to have tools in your hand, mediums to work on self help, or seeking a counsellor should simply be a way of life.
We are not born with knowing it all and let's admit the world is full of tough situations and difficult people. Somehow it's easier for people to be inhuman than kind.
Scores of people have woken up today. So many people have posted that they are there. What is wrong with that? You didn't ever wish that people should be compassionate and kind? They are taking their first steps or further steps or bigger steps..its good right?
We are valuing who we have.
We are expressing the love louder.
We are reaching out.
We are thinking twice about our closed ones.
We are lending an ear to the stranger.
We have started this massive movement within ourselves. Few of us are going within and realizing the tiny missteps they took or hurts they inflicted on another human. No matter how small, you left a wound on someone. You can balm it even today, you can say that pending sorry, you can aid them in the healing, you can take an oath never to do it and stop others from doing it. Human hearts are very fragile. Treat them with beyond care. Beyond.

Theres no place now to pamper your power and ego anymore.
It's time to stop that gossip and stop someone else from doing it.
It's time to stop being a part of the gang that brings people down.
It's time to stop agreeing to others in order to feel accepted in their groups.
Well it's even time to break your silence.
It's time to stand up , to have a voice, to be kinder to humans, to understand he or she always has a story. Always.
And if u cant say something nice, how about you dont say anything at all?
Watch your words and if they are not adding love and value, dig deep into what makes you so bitter.
2020 is the year of beautiful changes, inner work and being a more compassionate soul. To those who are on this journey, I pass you love and light.
To those who havnt changed, I send you healing.
Stir up. Stand up. Speak up.

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