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By pooja luv shah in Experiences
Updated 14:04 IST Jun 16, 2020

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Dont get shocked,dont show sympathy,dont show how sad you are when something like this happens because it will be of no help,it will be of no use if at the right time when u knew what exactly was wrong or was happening wrong u couldnt do anything or u dint do anything for your personal benefits or just because you were too lazy to do it..

Stop putting people down for your own selfish reasons,your own insecurities,your inability to do things,your jealousy,your personal grudges..stop doing that and take a stand if u see something like this happening around you..
Dont wait for something like this to happen to you and stop if its happening to others also..Be there for your loved ones..
Dont make a person so miserable that its the only option left..
Not everyone is mentally and emotionally strong enough to take shit this world has to offer..
Hats off to all the people who have gone through terrible times and still stood strong but to the people who are broken because of some ruthless selfish people around them,trust me they shouldnt matter at all..not a second of your time,not smallest place in your mind do they deserve..world have some amazing people too,some amazing things to do as well switch your focus..

Please please dont let anyone or any situtaion ruin your mental peace..dont ever let them win,dont give them that power..

I promise to be there for anyone who i know is suffering rather than waiting for something like this to happen..
Stay strong,be a fighter,everything has a solution and we have power to get over any and everything..
Trust yourself the most when no one else does because its you who know who you are not them..

#sushant singh rajpoot hope you find peace where you have gone which you couldnt find in this world🌸

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Kundan 01-Jul-2020 16:08


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