A unique love story

By Dimple Somji yogaandfairylife in Poems » Short
Updated 14:21 IST Jan 08, 2021

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A long time ago conditions were such
The distance between the earth and sky was not very much
The earth and the sky were very close
The earth a green leaf; the sky a pink rose
One day they fell in love
The Earth sent a message to the sky above
From then began their love story
And they both lived in its glory
Now when people became aware
They said that this broke custom rare
But the sky eager to marry the earth
Brought a garland of seven colors
But God too was not in their favour
And they became apart forever
And even today when it rains
The heart of the sky pains
In the memory of the Earth, he cries for hours
And we get rains in the form of showers.
To show the Earth his love
He paints the rainbow high above
Their love for years which has been
Makes the Earth happy as it turns lush green
And the earth and the sky even today
Hope that they will meet someday!

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