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Authors Tree Publishing (www.authorstree.com) is an Organization, who provides all essentials services and facilities which is used in book publishing in India. The companies aim is that the author who writes his first book should go ahead in this literature world and establish a new place. Like a tree, with the help of its root, brings the leaves forming the stem and the flowers in it become edible fruits. Mithlesh Kaushik, the founder, and CEO of this company has 5 years of publishing experience with different self-publishing companies, started a company that offers very good service at low prices. He started the company as a startup, In 2020 established a company which is located in Bilaspur city of Chhattisgarh. Slowly, Authors Tree Publishing is becoming a filling star in the field of self-book publishing.

They are one of the Emerging book publishers in India Through international platforms like Goodreads, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Kobo, and Ingram they help our Writers to get worldwide recognition. They allow all different languages and genres for publishing in the recent past, AUTHORS TREE stands as one of the #1 emerging self-publishing house in India because publishing books in English and Hindi, they also publish books in Bengali, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Marathi and other regional languages.

Through self-publishing with Authors Tree Publishing, your book will also be distributed internationally directly through the largest platform like amazon.com, Ingram, etc.

Books published through POD print on demand platform of Authors Tree Publishing never go out of print. Print on Demand Self Publishing POD is a new way and model for book publishing; Authors Tree Publishing provides you the complete benefit and popularity of this trend for a lifetime.
Mithlesh Kaushik is founder & CEO of Authors Tree Publishing - Self Publishing In India, He is an entrepreneur, writer, thinker and singer. Mithlesh Kaushik (born January 23, Bilaspur C.G), better known by his stage name Mith, is an entrepreneur, writer, thinker, singer, and Software Engineer. He is very good in poetry literature, published many poems with publications. [1] [2]
जाम-ए-इश्क़ के नशे में चूर हो गया था ।हुस्न उसका, मेरा सुरूर हो गया था ।बहका था इस कदर, उसकी हवाओं में ।आशिकों की बस्ती में मशहूर हो गया था ।अचानक आकर उसने खुद ही कह दिया,इश्क में डूबे शराब... read more...
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