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By Dr Sana Khan in Experiences
Updated 00:37 IST Apr 26, 2020

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I have a page on Instagram and a channel on YouTube. I write on Quora too and have 34k views on my content. 

Of course my YouTube channel is 15 days old, but my Instagram page is a one year old now so is my Quora account. 

Content creation is a very demanding as well as a satisfying job at the same time. Working for something as an interest when you don't get anything for it is difficult, but you don't have any deadlines to meet, you feel good when people read stuff you write about. 

I'll just describe the process : 

Selection of a topic. A topic that is based on your theme is to be selected. 

Research:Then I search authentic medicine references for providing purely scientific content. 

Time: yes. Time is a major factor when you are in the middle of a lockdown and have millions of household chores to carry out. Of course I'm quite lazy and dislike doing chores but you have your mother after you. And laziness surrounds you at times. Aah lazy times are the ones where you don't feel like moving from your beanbag. And you don't feel like doing anything. 

So two major issues I face while creating content are My laziness and my family members who hate to see me stuck on my phone. 

Applications : Since the time I have taken this huge step of becoming a YouTuber I have been confused whether I make posters or videos. 

Poster making : Take a topic sit an itd type then put photos to make your poster look good. You can add any animation in it too. If you want to make it even more creative then use vector graphics. 

Making Videos : This is one great art. Doing stuff singlehandedly takes millions of hours to create content. Sit and create the video, edit it , give it good music, introduction. Re record yourself speaking if it sounds bad. This will take ages and family hates you all this while cause you're not helping anyone. Even one step of error and you are frustrated. 

Quora moderation : This is one specific bot in Quora. I had a trending answer based on how to gain follow for free on Instagram. The answer had 3.1k views and 8 upvotes.This answer was hidden by Quora after 3.1k views . I didn't know what difference this was making. Anyways I appealed in Quora once then left it. Of course I answer questions so many times. So it doesn't make a difference if one of the answers is hidden. 

But I grew angry but then I started answering again. 

So basically I like providing information for free for everyone who wants to know more about things. I want my knowledge to benefit people in one manner or another. 

Have so many content ideas that I need to share. Currently not in a mood. Soon will create more interesting stuff. 







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