Journey of every woman! (Part 1 of 3)

By Deepak Bhansali in Poems » Long
Updated 19:18 IST May 17, 2020

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‘Struggles become her path-finders.’


As she opened her eyes, the first thing she did was cry
Since her parents desired a successor, a wish, she had failed to satisfy…

In the pursuit of a son, they were blessed by fate,
With two more daughters, Luck and Grace.

Crushed under social pressure, which says only sons are solace,
Little did the society know, that daughters could also bring grace…

Lack of a business sense, and a dearth of commercial knowledge,
The father’s attempted ventures ended up in huge loses.

His debts made them travel from one city to another,
The daughters changed schools, the only friends they had was each other

Her father vented out all the frustration on the mother,
Unable to contain her angst, she’d retaliate in equal anger

She never saw her parents being affectionate,
She only witnessed quarrels, Fights, and abuse that was wicked

Amidst all the chaos, and the constantly changing neighborhoods
Before she could realise, she had lost her childhood,

She had only one friend, a tattered and old doll
Misplaced by the movers and packers
As if the world didn’t cared at all
Childhood spent in dark, as dark as a jet black sky
The full moon was far away, as if her existence were a lie

Against all the odds, she challenged her own fate
Neither for money nor for fame, but for family, she vowed to excel…

She knew the real culprits were her own circumstances
But her strong belief in hard work led her to the right chances

Focusing on her career, without blaming her destiny
She took relentless efforts to be blessed with a well-deserved family

Knowing she’d find her solution, in the city of dreams,
She stepped on the soils of Mumbai, suppressing her inner screams…

Having travelled all her childhood, with only suffering and pain,
With hopeful eyes, she thought Mumbai will bring the end!

Little did she know, Mumbai was not a destination,
It was a long and tough journey, and a never ending one!

But her dark childhood memories
Had made her so strong and resilient,
That struggles, problems and challenges
Were no longer obstructing hurdles,
On the contrary, they became her path-finders!!!

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