• I Know You Know
    Meenu Goel | 23-Sep-2016
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    I know that you're the one to call, The one to catch me whenever I fall, And I have no fears Cuz I know you'll be there With me through every high and low, Not just for jobs to do, But as a friend to carry me through, The days and weeks and months and years, To share the laughter and tears, And if ever you're scared or feeling down, I know you know that I'm always around.    
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  • Rahul Rathod | 21-Sep-2016
    Today's social workers are those Who make the pose Just find out the rose For benefit of close.   Everyone says I'm a ray To collect golden stray They can all time pray.   At India's pre-independence Social workers were ideally clear By thought of non-violence To make enemy fear.   Now, we have to care India's bright by dare.  
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    Rahul Rathod | 14-Sep-2016
    Am I the member of my family? Bordered, stucked in blood-relation valley.   Demolish siblings for hereditary gain. Lusty, selfish, desirable to golden train.   Yes, I'm not the member of my family. I'm the part of universal Human family.   Living with unity, integrity and humanity. Micro doesn't secede from macro, to calamity.   Love, kindness poured in universal heart. No hatred, no range and revenge dart.   Sarrows dividing, lessening to remain zero. Ecastacies multiplying, everyone to be laughter hero.
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  • स्त्री
    Gaurow gupta | 14-Sep-2016
    "स्त्री" ----------- गढ़ दी गयी कवितायेँ स्त्री के भूगोल पर चर्चाएं, आँख ,कमर वक्ष पर खूब की गयी स्त्री का इतिहास भी अछूता नही रहा देवी से लेकर दास तक की गाथा खूब लिखी गयी मनोविज्ञान भी स्त्री का खूब समझा गया त्याग, करुणा ,समर्पण तो कभी, इर्ष्या लोभ और षड्यंत्र से सजायी गयी समाजिक रिश्तों में भी स्त्रियाँ समझी गयी माँ, बहन, पत्नी, प्रेमिका,और रखैल सिर्फ समझा न गया, तो " स्त्री " का"स्त्री" होना जो उसकी एकमात्र पहचान थी। गौरव✍ ----------- सितम्बर 2016
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  • AAS
    Arpita | 11-Sep-2016
    आस   माना कई अरसे हो गए तुझे देखे, तुझसे सिमटे हुए फिर भी इस दिल में कुछ एहसास अभी बाकी है.   माना ज़िंदगी ने कई करवट लिए करीब आकर तुम, कितने दूर हुए फिर भी इन सिलवटों में कुछ प्यास अभी बाकी है.   माना ये फासले हैं उम्र भर के लिए ना राह एक हुई,  ना ही मंज़िल जुड़े फिर भी तेरे आने की कुछ आस अभी बाकी है.   माना गैर  हो गए हम तुम्हारे लिए नासूर से चुभे, जो ज़ख्म तुमने दिए फिर भी इन सांसों में तेरी कुछ सांस अभी बाकी है.
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  • Mohini Limaye | 10-Sep-2016
    "You never said I'm leavingYou never said goodbyeYou were gone before I knew it, And only God knew whyA million times I needed you, A zillion times I criedIf Love alone could have saved you, You never would have diedIn Life I loved you dearlyIn death I love you stillIn my heart you hold a place, That no one could ever fillIt broke my heart to lose you, But you didn't go aloneFor part of me went with you, The day God took you home. "
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  • क्या देखूँ
    NITISH DADHICH | 10-Sep-2016
    रौशनी में डुबकियां लगाती ये रात काली देखूँ, दिल कह रहा है मैं भी आज मानके दिवाली देखूँ। पटाखों की दुकान से दूर खड़ा था बच्चा, अपनी ज़ेब भरी या उसकी बदहाली देखूँ। एक तरफ रंगीनिओ में नहाती हवेलिया , या झोपड़ियों के दीयों में तेल खाली देखूँ। सुरीली डकार लेने वालो को कहाँ फुर्सत है, की गरीब के पेट में दौड़ते चूहों की कव्वाली देखूँ। मजबूर भीष्म से अच्छा है अँधा ध्रितराष्ट्र बन जाना, अपनों से होती तार तार कैसे पांचाली देखूँ।                                                       ------नितीश दाधीच
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  • The Disguised Friend.
    Manali Jobanputra | 08-Sep-2016
    The first sight of her,Was as she walked in as my teacher,With a graceful pace,And a beautiful smile on her face! I met her as my teacher,Soon we became sisters,As as time pulled us closer, She was like my mother! Our relationship...Its above materialism, its pure and divine,With time it grew sweeter just as wine, We cried, we laughed, we ate, we talked,..Sun or rain.. Together we walked! Time flew past in a blink...And its all dark what once seemd pink, Its time to say goodbyes.. With a heavy heart and tear filled eyes...! She guided me on the right way,She moulded me as though clay, Today that i write this poem,Is coz she acted as my prism!!! Its a difficult nostalgic feel... Goodbyes are my achilles heel.. We know its inevitable...And try to act stable!! But these few words cannot convey..What in my heart i wanna say..All i can put through... Is that I... LOVE... YOU...
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  • Indian Woman
    Vijayalakshmi S Shenoy | 03-Sep-2016
    In this land I'm Durga Kali Saraswati Where, i live in austerity  Whenever i raise my voice,  they shut my mouth and,  When I'm silent they stab me from back. I wear bangles, for they show my power,  I've rounds of vermallion on my forehead, For they show my courage. I'm a woman who un-mould's the clay  and finds in it life  and  Who toils for colourful todays and tomorrows.
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  • there is someone batter to find....
    taabiirdaan | 01-Sep-2016
    When you are upto erase her from your mind.. But your heart still want to rewind... Then you start feel her in the wind. The dreamy nights makes you remind... There was something between to bind.... Then she walk away and left you behind... As you were like hind...   That time you were kind... But now you have to be unkind... For the piece of mind.. The only thing is bear in the mind..   Don't forget the relationship that shined and moments were fined.. Are now just like rind... The past bond between should be unbind... You made a mistake and should be fined... Your brain is no more blind... Don't loose the hope...there is still someone batter to find!!
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  • First Teachers of the first School
    sanchita | 01-Sep-2016
       First day of school, big tears rolling down the cheeks New bag, new uniform and the new experience for the very first time.   Soon they enter the class, the soft hands make their crying stop. First few words they utter, god knows how you can understand them clear. They scream, they throw, they push and they play. Where do you get your energy from; when they are all running around?   You make their life colorful by teaching them red white n blue A,B C they learn from you and soon they form words that are known only to you. Scissors, painting and craft you make them do it all with love.   You bring joy and smiles on their face, Sunshine is your pretty face they say. Thank you for helping the children grow. You can do it goes a long way to bring out the best in them. Thank you for making them love to go to school Thank you for teaching them to share, care and making their first school a happy place.   -Sanchita            
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  • Rahul Rathod | 31-Aug-2016
    ज्याच्या मुखी नाही, प्रेमरूपी शब्द  तो साधु काय करि, भक्तास मुग्ध सुड-राग-लोभ, बाळगुनिया अंगी टाळ अन मृदुंग, वाजवी तिन्ही सांजी जिव-प्राण ओतुनि, राहुल सांगतुया भक्ति अशा भोंदूची, टाका आता मोडुनिया जर करावयास भक्ति, करा प्रेमाची दुबळ्या-पांगळ्यांची, भक्ति ती क्षमेची
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  • i m trying to....bt it hard to...
    taabiirdaan | 31-Aug-2016
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    I m trying.... Bt it hard to... To forgot those moments.. How could I forgot. .. First time when I bunk up my own home... Just to meet you.. Bt I m trying... And it hard to.... ... Hard to forgot... The moment when first time u let me in.. To let me meet your soul... You allow me as I am.... The way I talk .... Its your presence make me feel to be there ...to be at someone else place .... Bt I m trying to  And it hard to...   How you laugh... silently...  On my nerdy jokes.... How u always kept one bite for me.. And the way we share the bite...is hard to forget  How we counted those stars till thousand... N the way you act to count .... I cant forget .. Bt i m trying to..   The time u said those three megical words .... "You are first"  Still in my head... How could i forgot.. Bt still i m trying Trying something that i dont want...   Bt i want to say this... You will always be mine.... The walls can't stop me to feel you... Yeah! I still
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  • Time is 'Teching'
    Vijayalakshmi S Shenoy | 30-Aug-2016
    Time is 'Teching'!! Memories, are those mornings when We rise to the twittering of birds Tweet, tweet, tweet! Notifies the Twitter bird now. Memories, are those days when Students faced their books Blink, blink, blink- OMG they’re on Facebook! Gone are the days we spoke, To loved ones, now on our own We just have our laptops Our tabs and our phones. But time is costlier Than all of these combined So tap your gadgets, turn them off Its time to live your life.  
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  • Priyanshi Banerjee | 28-Aug-2016
    They shouted out loud but were inaudible, They screamed a lot, but for me silence is incredible. Words may be magical but also hazardous, When said out of consideration! Are tremendous. Words may bring warmth or burn a soul, Depends on you! You assign them which role. Be it the alpha beings or royal entities, All get tarnished due to words' anxieties! Let your tongue be aware of that evil culprit, To weaken relations it tries to knit. My age is not ripe but message- fruitful! Let this message make you succeed and successful  
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  • मेरे यार रूमी...
    manvendra singh rajpura | 28-Aug-2016
    क्यूँ है जो ये है ....दर्द नाफ़ानी सा ... क्यूँ ये बहते से आँसू मेरे रुकते नहीं हैं.... क्यूँ दुशवार है मुझे ही ...मेरा इल्म साँसों का ... क्यूँ मेरा इश्क़ तुझसे ... मुझसे ही छुपता नहीं है ...।   कि जो इल्म-ए-इश्क़ है कभी उर्दू सा कभी ख़ुदाई सा ...क्यूँ आज दर्द के दरिया से कम सा नहीं है ... नाज़ाने .... क्यूँ मेरे यार रूमी ... तू ही बता... क्यूँ मेरा इश्क़ ... तेरे इश्क़ सा नहीं है .....
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