when the breath goes away

By Diyaa in Poems » Long
Updated 19:50 IST Dec 13, 2016

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I am here now and alive
my soft breath on my skin I feel
I lay around thinking about
what would you do when I leave

when my soul decides to part
through all the layers of my skin
I will be laying there lifeless
not even my single eye would blink

I stay still pondering about
where on earth would you be
would you rather be by my side
or shed a tear from far off for me

dont tell me how good I was
for I may not even know
if you can, appreciate me now
and bring me all the good there is to show

dont have any regrets later
that we didnt talk much to each other
call me or text me when u feel
for it will be too late to do it after

dont shed tears staring at my picture
share your sorrows with me now
give me a chance to wipe those precious drops
for I may not be able to see your misty eyes

dont keep me flowers on my stone
for I may not be able to smell them
send them all to me while I am here
so that I can cherish it and be joyous around them

if theres ever anything I did
that hurt your heart and soul
please give me a chance to undo it now
for later I may never be able to have control

so let me love you with all my heart
while I am here and get the same from you
for life is short to be anything but happy
and lets make each day count as new

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Kalamwali 14-Dec-2016 12:54

Absolutely fabulous!

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