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Updated 12:09 IST Dec 13, 2016

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Those moments of silence, when time just stopped, standing helpless between us
I looked at you, you were shining bright like a celestial power
The power I knew would engulf me soon..

As i started walking towards you, I got more helpless
My soul had left my body and was already clinging onto yours
It gave me its hand, magically drawing me in the embrace I had never been before
And so I drifted, I drifted into those dream like arms and into the dream itself

You still are a dream for me, from the moment I met you to the one now
And you are like the one that will always be
The one that I wud die to see and shut my eyes to sleep on purpose
The one that will make me a dreamer, be it the day or the night

And so I will dream you, over and over again
To feel intoxicated and numb with pleasure and pain
To feel that kiss of madness and that touch of tenderness
To melt in the magic of moments and to get drowned in the sinful bliss

So now you are the dream and I am your dreamer
You are the brightest star shinning in the sky and I am the twinkling eye
You are my wandering hope and I am the hopefull spirit
You are the moment that once came by and the one that will never leave this heart

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