First Last Day of the School

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Updated 14:41 IST Dec 08, 2016

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Today is an important day, for it is the last day of many school days,

Numbers and alphabets is what you know now, playgroup graduate you are now.

Shapes, colours, puzzles and stories are new on the list,

 I am grateful to the teachers that taught you with love and care.


I remember the teary first day for both of us, the uniform was thrown and the shoes were hidden,

And did I tell you, how you pretended that your eyes were closed every morning?

 While some days you tried hard acting to be sick, to give the school a miss.


Everyday little by little you started playing, and in no time you started building blocks, train tracks and hills.

Role plays are taken very seriously now, sometimes you are a bus driver and sometimes you are an office going father.

Cheering, stumbling and playing with friends,you learnt the lessons very well.


Your father says just chill it is only a play group, many more school years are waiting out there,

Oh! A mother’s plight you will never know, is how I dismiss it hereby,

Many years will come he is right, but playgroup last day will never come back!


--Sanchita Satalkar



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Kalamwali 15-Dec-2016 10:23

How adorable!

artofchandra 02-Jan-2017 13:21

Nicely written, it's nostalgic. And yes, Congrats for a winning entry.

sanchita 02-Mar-2017 15:30

Thank you!

sanchita 02-Mar-2017 15:37

Thank you!

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