Rahul Rathod | 28-Aug-2016
    "I LOVE THEE"   I Love thee, I Love thee. As a Human, I Love thee.   To Love, is my Life and Religion. To Love, is my Desire and Passion. Let the poachers do their un-duty. Love doesn't know fear and pity. I Love thee, I Love thee. As a Human, I Love thee.   My Love, have NO demarcation. My Love, have NO state-nation. My Love, Knows Kind and Compassion. My Love, Loves foe and companion. O! Jigar, I Love thee, I Love thee. As a Human, I Love thee.   Love is Compression, NOT rarefaction. Love is Moonlight, NOT gloomy-night. Love is Force, a Gravitational force. So, Love is Cohesive, Strong-adhesive. I Love thee, My Jigar, I LOve thee. As a Human, I LOVE THEE.
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  • Rahul Rathod | 26-Aug-2016
           "INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE"   Information says, 'Store me, Like locked fuel in the container. Measure me in bytes or words. I'll be corrupt without reaction. React me with your ideas, to give product.'   'I'm the product' says Knowledge, Share me like riverine water, Having her own channels or routs. I will take you to the Everest, Then, measure me in unitended euphoria.'   Information says, "I'm for the Brilliant" Knowledge says, "I'm for the MORAL BEING"
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  • Priyanshi Banerjee | 26-Aug-2016
    I knew I would stand here again, Where lands are covered with despair and pain. They moved on with no regrets, And it is me walks with loneliness. I sing those melancholy melodies, And think they are the only remedies. In the vicious cycle of past I am trapped, Nobody's there to help me out; no one to give a hand. We are besides each other but our hearts-  far away, Our ego is the predator and we are the prey
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  • Time Runs Away.
    sanchita | 23-Aug-2016
    » Long
    TIME RUNS AWAY   The clock is ticking, Turning Hours into days, days into months and months into years. Heart is filled with memories, And memories they say will never leave. Years fly, dear ones die, You had never thought goodbye will be so nearby.   If only I could turn back the clock, I did go back to school when homework was the only thing to do. Friends you once knew, Have walked away without a clue. Events, which I had thought occurred yesterday, Turned into moments that have gone down the memory lane   Time goes by and slips away Just as the sky turns blue to grey Look for the stars, when it turns dark And wonder what life is all about? Seek Joy in whatever you do, For tomorrow is never promised While today holds true.   Life is beautiful, not because it is perfect It is because you have things to do. Learn something new every day, But give in to the little things that you know have made your way.   Listen to the passion of your soul, Believe; set
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  • रिश्ते और धन!!!
    Dr Himanshu Sharma | 19-Aug-2016
    कितनी बार हुआ कि मेरी कलाइयाँ यूँ ही रह गयी सूनी,कितनी बार हुआ है ऐसा कि पहुँच न पाया मैं राखी पर!पैसा-पैसा करते करते रिश्तों को नज़रन्दाज़ किया मैंने,याद आये सारे रिश्ते जब पीसने लगा वक़्त की चाकी पर! धनवान चाह में मैंने धन को अपना सब कुछ मान लिया,धन चला न जाए मेरे हाथों से ये सोचकर डर-डर मैं जिया!धन-लोभ ये ऐसा पाश है जो जकड़े तो छोड़े कभी न बंधू,न बच पाया तो इस माया से तो क्या भरोसा करे तू बाकी पर! सोचा धन साथ रहेगा अपना बनकर और पराये हैं सारे अपने,छल होता था होता रहेगा धन लोभ में, टूट जाते हैं सारे सपने!धन की आकांक्षा लिए चला जा रहा हूँ अपनी चिता पर जलने,अब कैसे गर्व करूं महसूस धन संचय के प्रपंच-चालाकी पर!
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  • Soul, the true self
    Mohini Limaye | 06-Aug-2016
    Soul: The true self🙏🏼 तुझी आणि माझी ओळख आहे जन्मो जन्मांची!अगदी केहवा पासून,जेव्हा परमात्याच्या इच्छे ने ह्या पृथ्वी वर झाला आपला पहिला जन्म! कधी आई- मुल म्हणून भेटलो,तर कधी पिता-पुत्र,कधी होतो मित्र,तर कधी सहचर! अप्ल्या कर्मा प्रमाणे आपलयात्ले नाते बदलले,प्रत्येक नवीन नात्यात आपण एका मेकला नव्या रूपात अनुभवले. आपली ओलख आहे काळाच्या निर्मिती पासून ची! साखरे हून गोड, दुधाहून निर्मळ व गंगे हून ही पवित्र. आपल्या प्रेमाचे रंग व छटा बदलल्या आपल्याला बांधून ठेवणाऱ्या नवीन देह रूपी नात्या प्रमाणे. देह बदल्ला तरी आपला सहवास कधीच संपनार नाहीं, कारण ह्या काळाला सुरूवात व शेवट नाहीं!
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  • Ashe chi sanjivini
    Mohini Limaye | 06-Aug-2016
    तुझे अस्तित्व प्रत्येक शब्दात भासवतोस तू,प्रत्येक स्वरात माला ऐकू येतोस तू,चहु दिशांनी माला व्यापले आहेस तू, तुझ्या आठवणी ने रडू आले, की हलक्या हाताने डोळे हि पुसतोस तू! स्वप्नात येउन मला हसवतोस तू,माझ्या जखमा भरायला लांबूनच फुंकर हि घालतोस तू! मग अरे वेड्या हे हि दिवस आता लवकर साम्प्तीलच, आपल्या जगात परत एकदा असू आपण दोघच! ह्या आशे ची आहे माझ्या पाशी संजीविनी,तुझीच वाट बघते आहे, तुझी मोहिनी!!
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  • A wish for you
    Mohini Limaye | 06-Aug-2016
    To love u was my choice..I relish every moment of rejoice! Connotation of Love, life, compassion is you..Merely knew them as words till I met you! May God bestow a lotta success..A matter of pride n happiness to hear ur praise! Times will change for the best..And Life will be none less than a fest!  May success touch ur feet..Coz a perfectionist has no one to beat! Grow year after year..And Don't forget gratitude and prayer! Phenomenal combo of creativity n brilliance is truly rare, That is why my Man ❤️U r dear!               
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  • Walk in the Moonlight
    Tanuja | 04-Aug-2016
    As you and I, walked into the deep still night, through soft blue snow, shimmering under the moonlight  Swishing our footprints so light, printing them on the snow covered earth  Looking at your hands holding mine with gentle support, my eyes glistened with tears unshed, as poignant memories gushed  Just yesterday, those tender sweet arms had wound around me for comfort. Now a grip of strength.  Those tiny steps, pattered after me, everywhere I went. Now into steady strides of length.  I look back over my shoulder. My little boy left far behind, but moment for sadness vanished as now you stand beside, a man of courage and pride! 
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  • The 20th Cake Day
    Manali Jobanputra | 03-Aug-2016
    This was the most perfect bday ever,Filled with fun, love, surprises and fervour,My lovies made it memorable,Mumma, zazzi, n Donzaii .. All adorable! Morning hit me at five ,I hear birds chirp live,I bathe and begin,As per bday tradation..! The burning pizza puff,The roads dusty and rough,The temple bells ring,Beckoning the invisible string ! Its the noon lunch,With laughter in bunch...After ages with my donzaii,Accompanied by rains of july ! Then arrived the most awaited hour,I had enjoyed so far,And this was even more exciting,As mum showered me with gifts and blessings! But all through this treat..Something felt incomplete..!It was your absence...That was the missing essence ! But finally ... To make my day ...Destiny took me your way...It was the most awaited rendezvous..And my birthday wish came true... !! I was ecstatic ... !Seemed like shakespeare's romantic!And the fact remains that im a shrew...Yet I'm gifted with a beautiful person ..YOU !
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  • Fallen Angel
    Manali Jobanputra | 01-Aug-2016
      It's a different part of me.. Something I've never seen.. Somewhere I've never been.. ... It's like a fairy tale.. Happiness seems to be on sale.. It's like a fragment of my imagination.. My subconscious is in agitation.. Idk if it's true or just a hue.. But it has blown away all my blue.. It's his aura I belive.. Which everytime I perceive.. It's like a drug.. I can never get enough.. The look of his eye.. When he passes by.. Gives me butterflies and with him I realise not how time flies.. When I look at him.. World comes to a stand still.. I realise not where I'm going.. It's like a trail never ending.. When he touches my skin.. It's like a rush of adrenaline.. His eyes all hazy when he talks to me.. My heartbeats go crazy and my emotions glee.. I donno why I like this man.. He opened the doors where I put a ban.. I dont know how he made his way.. He got to my heart like child's play.. He is simple yet smart.. Never opens his heart.Years of what I know him.. All seems so dim.. All I know deep
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  • The Feel Of Love
    Manali Jobanputra | 31-Jul-2016
    When I was in the deepest of blue, You came to my rescue, You walked with me, And made my worries flee ! U crowned me with a tiara, Surrounded me with your charismatic aura, U treated me like a princess.. Gave me love care.. All in excess..! I was in Ecstasy… It was all like a fantasy ! You were my meaning to life.. I dreamt to be your wife ! Until one fateful day, Only silence to say, I was weeping in my heart, Dreams shattered… Tearing me apart. The alteration in your love, Made tears fall from even heavens above, I don’t know what your heart chose, But tat killed me inside.. My feelings froze ! I perceive the emptiness, I feel the pain and numbness, But then i hear on my stirrup, A voice beckoning me to look up ! Its now time I choose, To stay strong and not let loose, because by now I’m immune, To life’s tragic monotonous tune! I am not seeking u back, I have chosen another track, And now i depart, With a peaceful happy heart, Closing this ch
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  • The Fallen Rose
    Manali Jobanputra | 30-Jul-2016
    » Long
    As the winter winds roared by... I bloomed under the leafy-starry sky,Crimson red is my shade, Of alluring scent I'm made. It was on that chilly night, The lakeside became a camping site, For A bunch of teens, Dressed in Jerkins and jeans! Below the bright moon, Amidst the nightingale's sweet tune, She sauntered up the wood, peeping through her pink hood. Her eyes fell on me, And they sparkled with glee, She held me by my stem, With utter care as though a gem... I was uprooted but I felt no pain,lay on her palms as she walked down the lane, The horizons turned red, And towards the tents she fled. A guy she did wake, And pulled him out to the lake,She proposed him there, And lifted me towards him with care. He pushed her away, And she cried in dismay, I fell from her hands into the lake, And a new path I take. Like a vagabond I glide, On a new exotic ride, I hit the grainy land, Dry, damaged, alone I stand. I wither and perish, I can see me vanish, My seeds wrapped in mud, I prepare to be a new bud. y
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  • Complete Incompleteness
    Manali Jobanputra | 29-Jul-2016
    I still remember that night,You were far out of sight,I was lying in bed,My eyes crying red. You chose to be silent,And to obey her,I tried to act valiant,But i did wither. It was your yellow streak,That today is the day,You were so meek,To leave it half way. I tried so hard to conceal,But I am fained to emote,And time can never heal,What you did distort. But I now do realise,That you werent worth,Of all my sacrifice,b'coz at my tears... You laughed in mirth. All those deep promises,That u ruined in a stroke,Remain now as blemishes,That i hide with a cloak. I lie here maimed,And numbness enshrouds me,Who is to be blamed,For I am no more ME !
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  • लिखाणाची सुरवात
    Pranav | 14-Jul-2016
    लिखाण सुरू करतानाची भावना 
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  • Kalamwali | 11-Jul-2016
    Look around but stand your ground!  For the love of Poems!
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