The Imperfect Body of a Perfect Mommy

By Rashmi Manvi in Poems » Short
Updated 12:22 IST Nov 23, 2016

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The Imperfect Body of a Perfect Mommy

Six years back, one mid-morning, her life turned upside down,

For a sweet baby boy was she blessed with, with dimples and hair so brown!

A mother she turned from a carefree young girl, and life took hell of a turn—

For mornings and evenings, and days and nights—all turned into one!

Amidst midnight tantrums and spit up sessions, when finally, she got a chance,

In the bathroom mirror, one fateful morning, she happened to take a glance.

Oh boy! did she gasp, a cry she let out, and burst into a puddle of tears,

For coming to reality, in the bathroom pane, were all her secret fears!

Flabby arms— that hung by the sides, and a still-pregnant looking belly,

A double chin, and un-waxed legs, and thighs that jiggled like jelly L

“Oh, is this me?” She exclaimed in horror and cried herself to sleep,

Remembering her old svelte, pretty self, all she could do was weep!

The tears went on, and so did the years, and nothing changed that much—

Though baby grew and work load too, with no me-time as such.

Then one stormy night, her little scared boy, clutched her with all his might,

“Oh mommy dear, I love the way your arms hold me so tight!”

As she hugged him tighter, she looked once again at the flabby arms she hated,

And suddenly they didn’t seem so ugly, so bad; with herself she debated.

Another evening when hubby came home, he laughed as he saw her cheek,

“Oh sonny gave me a chocolate kiss”, she smiled, as she saw him peek!

Wait Mommy, let me balance it out, he said as he kissed the other,

And cheeks that first seemed chubby and ugly, now didn’t really seem to bother.

Another summer, junior slept onto her lap, after a bout of painful, sore eyes,

And jiggly thighs that she hated once now seemed a blessing in disguise.

On Mother’s Day he made her a card, and wrote “I love you Mommy”,

And said so proud he felt of her because he once lived in her tummy!

As tears rolled down those chubby cheeks, she realized how silly she’d been,

The body she once detested and hated was now making her feel like a Queen.

For beauty doesn’t lie in skin or shape, but in the eyes of those she loved,

The imperfect body of a perfect mommy—was what made her so proud.

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