Sad Little View of My Life

By Vaibhavi in Daily Musings
Updated 22:30 IST Nov 09, 2016

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Life is neither black nor white it has shades of grey but my life is a black hole.
But the fact that I never show my wounds off is the icing on the cake.
Being a narcissist, doesn't let me think of anyone else but myself.
I might be the only person who can commit all 7 deadly sins in a single bloody action.
I need to engrain this in my mind that I ain't no meta-human
This town is too small
The house is not that tall
Wish I were never born.
This time when life has no meaning and I move around in circles,reach nowhere.
Should just LET IT GO.
If only this was some angsty poem.
I wouldn't have to go through this shit.
Wish I were a serial killer or maybe lobotomised.
But that's just our typical Sunday.
For once time just goes Rewind
Could've saved a river of salt.
Wouldn't mind permanent amnesia or becoming a zombie.
This is me at my worst. And it keeps getting better with every passing second.
And a new morning....!

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Kalamwali 22-Oct-2016 08:16


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