Life is neither black nor white it has shades of grey but my life is a black hole.But the fact that I never show my wounds off is the icing on the cake.Being a narcissist, doesn't let me think of anyone else but myself.I might be... read more...
21-Oct-2016 • 751 views
"Somebody just pick up the goddamn phone already!"shouted Tiffany ,scribbling in her sketch book. Trring......... "Looks like everyone around seems to go deaf at this very moment!" She stopped scribbling closed the book and begrudgingly picked up the receiver... Hello? Hey Tiffany how are you? Wait!you don't... read more...
29-Oct-2016 • 754 views
      Rapid breathing,racing heart,cold as a corpse, face strewn with sweat and pupils dilated like a frightened feline;Natasha woke up with a start.Feeling disoriented,she stayed lax for a few minutes until realization brought her back to reality.She reached for the glass of... read more...
11-Nov-2016 • 743 views
How difficult is it for you to move on? They just couldn't see those cold unforgiving eyes,emotionless faces..that stared at him.Nor could they hear those empty words that made him feel sorry for his very existence.No matter how hard he tried to put the pieces... read more...
05-Feb-2017 • 744 views
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