If Only...

By Vaibhavi in Experiences
Updated 23:44 IST Feb 05, 2017

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How difficult is it for you to move on?
They just couldn't see those cold unforgiving eyes,emotionless faces..that stared at him.Nor could they hear those empty words that made him feel sorry for his very existence.No matter how hard he tried to put the pieces back together,his life never got that beautiful shape it once had! His mind kept screaming Go Right Ahead but his heart stood still.
It was like his world had stopped spinning. Everything looked rosy on the outside but was all dust and ashes inside.They were his friends but they called him a freak.The people that cared for him once,pitied him now.He didn't want their want sympathy,it was their admiration that he always strivied for.Fate plays cruel jokes on all humans;why couldn't it make an exception..!
Every night he cursed God why didn't he die that day!

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