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"Somebody just pick up the goddamn phone already!"shouted Tiffany ,scribbling in her sketch book.


"Looks like everyone around seems to go deaf at this very moment!"

She stopped scribbling closed the book and begrudgingly picked up the receiver...


Hey Tiffany how are you?

Wait!you don't recognize me,do you?

Tiffany : Well, you do sound familiar but sorry I didn't recognize you

Its me Tina, we use to go to school together 10 years ago...exclaimed the caller

Tiffany : oh yes! I kinda remember however my memories are vague and I don't remember my school time so well.

Tina: No problem! We can always rebuild some new memories now.I just arrived in town and you're first person I could think of.You know I had a hard time finding your phone number.

Tiffany was not a people's person.She hardly had any friends just a classmate/friend who'd update her of the surrounding. Now with an invitation like that how could she refuse? She also seemed to like Tina

Tiffany (optimistic):Sure we can.

Tina:So What do you do Tiffany?

Tiffany :I study art at the town's famous art college Its my first year in there.How about you?

Tina:I am an artist as well but I wouldn't waste my time in such trivial places

Tiffany was confused unsure of what to say replied: I don't know about that but I am a good painter myself and I need a good college.....

Suddenly Tiffany's mother called

Hey Tiffany ! Who are you talking to?

Before Tiffany could reply...

"Whoever it is, just hang up I need you here"

Okay exclaimed Tiffany

Tiffany :(to Tina) I need to go,why don't you note down my cell no. It is...... We can talk freely later on.

Tina: Sure got it.Talk later Bye!

The short conversation with Tina left Tiffany perplexed and stuck with an array of disorganized thoughts.She wondered who Tina was.

There was no way,she would remember about her school life as back then her parents had transferable jobs.It was only within the last few years,they had settled in their hometown. But she found Tina intriguing.

With those thoughts she went back to usual scribbling.

One Week Later

Tring tring...! It was Tiffany's cell phone.The number wasn't listed.


Hey!Its me Tina.

Tiffany (excited):Tina! I thought you wouldn't call!Where were you the entire week? I mean how are you?

Tina: I was busy unpacking.I am good how are you?

Tiffany :I am fine But I cannot stop thinking about what you said earlier! She blurted...

Tina: About what?

Tiffany:College being trivial

Tina: I know you are an expectional painter aren't you? Why do you need somebody's opinion about it? Why should they judge you?

Tiffany :But.....you need a degree and....

Before she could say anything

Tina:Art comes from within the Heart.You are one of a kind and your art doesn't need approval

Tiffany:How could you possibly know that? We haven't even met

Tina: I am a great painter and I do have an eye for talent such as you. Besides I've seen your painting back when we were young. So think about what I said.

Before Tiffany could argue further Tina hung up

The conversation kept Tiffany awake the entire night.

With an unclear mind,she picked up the canvas and began painting.

Tina called again and this time, Tiffany instead of arguing listened to her.

Now she began doing only two things -talking to Tina and drawing. She stopped going to the college,became oblivious of the surrounding and even stopped talking to her own parents.

Her parents were worried about her erratic behavior.Their obedient and responsible daughter was going wayward.They suspected boyfriend issues,but weren't sure as Tiffany refused to even acknowledge them.

2 Weeks Later

Jasmine (Tiffany's friend) decided to go and see where the girl was.She was worried since there was no word about her."Hope she is fine!" she wondered.

Ding dong......

Tiffany's mother opened the door quite relieved to see her daughter's friend

Jasmine: Hello!aunty how are you? Where is Tiffany ,Is she alright?

Tiffany's mom: Thank god you are here. She is acting weird.She has locked herself in the room and keeps painting. She doesn't want to go anywhere.We tried to talk to her but she just wouldn't listen.Keeps talking to someone on the phone. Please do something.

Jasmine reassuring said Don't worry I will do something.....

Jasmine knocked at Tiffany'sdoor:"Hey Tiffany its me Jazz open up now or I'll break the door!

Tiffany opened the door Jazz entered and looked around Her room was a mess there were clothes,paint,pencils,brushes and canvas some blank and others with amazing artwork

"Hey Jazz!how are you?" Tiffany said sheepishly continuing her work.

Jazz:How am I? Well I am great but look at you,what the hell are you upto!?

Tiffany:I just found something worthwhile to you Thanks to Tina,I now know what I need to do.

Jazz:Whose Tina? What's going on?

Tiffany told Jasmine about Tina and the conversations they had.

Jasmine was an outgoing headstrong but a smart girl. She could make that her friend was being manipulated and needed to know just why.

Jazz:I want to meet this Tina girl right away

Tiffany:Don't worry,she is going to come here tomorrow in the evening when my parents are going out for a business party.She wants to see my latest creations,you be there...

Jazz: Sure thing!

Next Day

Jazz arrived at the exact time she was called,to confront this scheming bitch who wanted to her sweet friend's life.

Tiffany was naive and guilible. Anyone could trick her in believing anything they wanted,she thought and as Friend it was her duty to save Tiffany from the awaiting doom.

Tiffany welcomed Jazz and told her that Tina was in her room,looking at her Art

Without a moment's delay, Jazz barged into the room....

"Who the hell do you think you are,bitch?"

Tiffany rushed trying to stop Jazz from doing anything rash.

The room's door closed and one could hear Jazz's angry rants

Few hours later

Tiffany's mother along with Jasmines' came home with the hope that Jazz would knock some sense into her daughter

Tiffany's mother saw the main door open and Jazz' bike was parked outside.

They went inside.There was unsettling silence so they went towards Tiffany's room. As they entered,they were aghast to see the scenario before them.

There was a pool of red in which lay Jasmine's lifeless form.Tiffany visibly shaken stood there staring blank into the space.Jasmine had been stabbed to death.

Tiffany's mother couldn't articulate words....

Tiffany spoke with fear and sorrow"It was Tina she killed her"

"Then where is she?"screamed Jasmine's mother

Tiffany:She fled through the window She gestured at the open window.

They tried to look but didn't find anyone Seems that she was long gone.

Jazz's mother was sad but angry at the same time and in a fit of rage called the police.

The police arrived and scanned the surrounding.They examined the murder weapon and the dead body.

Before they could do anything,Jasmine's mother spoke "It is Tiffany she killed my baby Arrest her."

Tiffany defended herself by telling the police that it was Tina who did it as Jazz tried to attack her and it was self defense

The police were a bit suspicious,however asked Tiffany everything about Tina. Tiffany gave them a painting of Tina she made which was the only identity she had.

The police launched a manhunt for Tina but alas couldn't find anything worthwhile.After an unsuccessful search and pressure from Jasmine's parents they finally arrested Tiffany.

Since there was no key evidence and only testimonies from the deceased' parents also Tiffany being a minor,she was to be released in a month.

A month later...

Tiffany's father refused to keep any relation with his daughter who they could nevere ever trust again.However Tiffany's mother still loved her so went to recieve her from the prison....

Tiffany's mother : Hey Tiffany darling how are you? I hope they haven't harassed you Come on lets go home

"Its TINA"

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