Don't Mess.

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To nothing which is permanent!

Dancing along all several moves at the club on her birthday night, the DJ called up her asking people to wish her. She felt special, after all it was 3rd October- her birthday. Tired at 2am, she got in the car and started driving. Tipsy she felt and hear a loud noise from behind. "Damn!" Someone banged her car with several dents. Got down angrily and startled to fight with this young-yet-handsome guy. Fight grew and repair was paid.
Next bright morning, her friends called her at the nearest cafeteria and planned to turn up late. No sooner she went to receive the order, someone dropped a cold-coffee-with-ice-cream on her dress. No wonder, she rested her expression, to screws the person's balls off. And whoa, it was the same young-yet-handsome-guy. "You again", she exclaimed with not so amazing gestures. It was weird but he listened and smiled and smiled. Turning to him she warned, "Don't Mess". But who were they?

The Girl, Diya Malik was an independent fashion designer to a single mother who lived in Delhi since 11 years. Passionate about work, yet grumpy at times. People enjoyed and loved her totally.

The Young-Yet-Handsome-Guy, Dhairya Singhania was the only son to the Business Tycoon Dhanesh Singhania. Too rich yet too grounded. Inspite of being a business minded chap, he liked it mainstream, the simple style- be it living or friends. He leaded a sober class to believe ,he was a billionaire's kid. Drived a normal car with unbranded clothes and middle-classed friends.

A week later, that night at Diya's friend's birthday party with many guests and amazing music, people were enjoying their ass out. She turned at the pool side to breathe. Few minutes pass, and she turned to going back, whilst finding someone dashing her with a glass poured with dark-red-white spoiling that elegant white dress. Looking up to split his balls off, she found him to be that same young-yet-handsome guy. She raised like a bomb sounding like a bigger base than the DJ gave. The party gazed at her while he apologised giving a smile. She turned and said, " Don't you dare mess with me again." She left and people resumed to weird moves.

She needed investment to her own fashion business. Approached people but nothing worked, with the help of a friend she managed to advertise in a paper. She waited for calls but no one turned up. That night at 10, while updating to new version her phone ringed to a unknown number. She picked and was happy to know, someone might just invest. She had to meet that person tomorrow at 11 with a fledged plan. She was very happy.

Next morning, turning to best formal clothes, she was ready. Reached at the location to a restraú , she searched while still on call. The person sat, facing his back; she turned to him and gazed for a while. Yes, he was that same guy; who bumped into her twice and she now doubted his capability. He got up to being generous to a lady and pulled her chair and within minutes, he made her believe that he could be a potential investor. He liked the plan and was sort of impressed. Over the meal, they shared talks and knew each other more. They laughed at each other to something growing.

Meetings over lunch, brunch and night dunes brought them close to good friends and later developing a spark for each other. (Pretty fast, like our genre is; but they knew it was not just mere infatuation)

They were just more than friends then. Vows were exchanged as relationship grew. That evening, she bought him home to meet her mother. Her mother was a member to several NGO institutions. She found him fit for her daughter. Over tea, family information was asked and the lady went nauseous hearing his Father's Name. (Why?)

He left and she craved for the reason, why was her mother so amused. After few pathetic promises, the lady breathily-asked, " Would you marry someone whose father left your mother in the middle of nowhere?" A single mother was she, and left by a affair that didn't work as one man cheated on two females; who believed in the magic of love.

Diya understood and ignored Dhairya. But he always asked for a explanation. Investment money was returned slowly as the business bloomed.

Perfect Couple were then Perfect Strangers!

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Kalamwali 22-Oct-2016 08:21

I am flabbergasted!! Couldn't stop reading even for a split second!

artofchandra 28-Oct-2016 22:32

The story is good however it needs quite some re writing so it reads better.

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