Fahmida Khan

  • Fahmida Khan | 21-Oct-2016
    To nothing which is permanent! Dancing along all several moves at the club on her birthday night, the DJ called up her asking people to wish her. She felt special, after all it was 3rd October- her birthday. Tired at 2am, she got in the car and started driving. Tipsy she felt and hear a loud noise from behind. "Damn!" Someone banged her car with several dents. Got down angrily and startled to fight with this young-yet-handsome guy. Fight grew and repair was paid.Next bright morning, her friends called her at the nearest cafeteria and planned to turn up late. No sooner she went to receive the order, someone dropped a cold-coffee-with-ice-cream on her dress. No wonder, she rested her expression, to screws the person's balls off. And whoa, it was the same young-yet-handsome-guy. "You again", she exclaimed with not so amazing gestures. It was weird but he listened and smiled and smiled. Turning to him she warned, "Don't Mess". But who were they? The Girl, Diya Malik was an independent fashion designer to a sing
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