Are we ever satisfied?

By Rosh in Experiences
Updated 16:57 IST Oct 21, 2016

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Indeed,life is a lie.

When the sun is blazing hot we curse it and hope for a winter night. But,when winter arrives we drape ourselves in blankets and sit in front of a fire place hoping for the good old beach days.

When we experience great moments of our life we hardly have any time to experience it. But, when we are depressed we have enough time to make stupid decisions such as quitting life.

We,indeed,live in a world where even too much brightness can blind us and too much sweet demands for spice.

We always love the person who doesn't care about us and ignore those who love us blindly,only to realise later on and write sad quotes on how much inconsiderate you've been to not care about that person who has missed his scholar fest to come on a date with you. 

Are we ever satisfied of anything!!?

Instead of being a pessimist or an optimist at any situation, let's be a acceptionist. Let's innovate new race of people who accept any situation and adapt towards it. And, once we start doing this,life becomes amazing instead of just being a mere difference between expectations and reality. 



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Kalamwali 22-Oct-2016 08:16

One of the best pieces we've had so far! Brilliant!

Rosh 08-Nov-2016 16:56

Thank you so much. 😊

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