Lockdown days - Corona Diaries

By Dr Sana Khan in Health & Wellness
Updated 10:11 IST Apr 09, 2020

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Time seems to have stopped. Few days back I was going to office. Life was filled with planning and examining various things. It's stopped now.


So I'm going to spread some awareness regarding what should be done during these times since I have done a certification. 

So let's get started:

1) Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds at least.. handwash will break the layer of lipid surrounding the virus. 

2) The action of handwashing rips the virus away from the hands

3) Don't touch your eyes,nose, mouth. Avoid shaking hands

4) Maintain social distancing. 

5) Sanitize your home. Make a solution using some Savlon or Dettol add it to water and spray it on all the handles and used stuff. 

6) Wear a mask if going outside. Don't go out unless very urgent. 

7) follow etiquettes while sneezing or coughing. Cover your mouth everytime you do it. 

Stay home stay safe 

We shall win the battle against covid 19.


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