Immunity Boosting Foods

By Dr Sana Khan in Health & Wellness
Updated 23:48 IST Apr 08, 2020

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Keeping your immunity up is very important these days. 

 The good news is that everything is available in our kitchen. 

So let's get started 

Some foods that boost immunity are:

1) Turmeric 

2) Cinnamon 

3) Shunthi or dried ginger helps boost immunity

4) Ginger 

5) Garlic 

6) Cloves

7) Kali mirch black pepper

8) Tulsi

9) Elaichi

10) lemon


All these can be added to water along with some Tulsi leaves and some drops of lemon juice Should be added to these and drunk for better immunity. 

Tip: A bit  of saunf can be added and 1tsp sugar can  be added too 

If you don't have Tulsi leaves at home it's ok you can still make a decoction or kadha and consume it like tea. 

This is immunity boosting, kapha shamak- kapha causes cough and cold in the body. They have anti inflammatory properties as well. 

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